The transcriptional landscape of age in human peripheral blood

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Peters , M J , Joehanes , R , Pilling , L C , Schurmann , C , Conneely , K N , Powell , J , Reinmaa , E , Sutphin , G L , Zhernakova , A , Schramm , K , Wilson , Y A , Kobes , S , Tukiainen , T , Ramos , Y F , Goering , H H H , Fornage , M , Liu , Y , Gharib , S A , Stranger , B E , De Jager , P L , Aviv , A , Levy , D , Murabito , J M , Munson , P J , Huan , T , Hofman , A , Uitterlinden , A G , Rivadeneira , F , van Rooij , J , Stolk , L , Broer , L , Verbiest , M M P J , Jhamai , M , Arp , P , Metspalu , A , Tserel , L , Milani , L , Samani , N J , Peterson , P , Kasela , S , Codd , V , Peters , A , Ward-Caviness , C K , Herder , C , Waldenberger , M , Roden , M , Hovatta , I , Perola , M , Ripatti , S , Kettunen , J & NABEC UKBEC Consortium 2015 , ' The transcriptional landscape of age in human peripheral blood ' , Nature Communications , vol. 6 , 8570 .

Title: The transcriptional landscape of age in human peripheral blood
Author: Peters, Marjolein J.; Joehanes, Roby; Pilling, Luke C.; Schurmann, Claudia; Conneely, Karen N.; Powell, Joseph; Reinmaa, Eva; Sutphin, George L.; Zhernakova, Alexandra; Schramm, Katharina; Wilson, Yana A.; Kobes, Sayuko; Tukiainen, Taru; Ramos, Yolande F.; Goering, Harald H. H.; Fornage, Myriam; Liu, Yongmei; Gharib, Sina A.; Stranger, Barbara E.; De Jager, Philip L.; Aviv, Abraham; Levy, Daniel; Murabito, Joanne M.; Munson, Peter J.; Huan, Tianxiao; Hofman, Albert; Uitterlinden, Andre G.; Rivadeneira, Fernando; van Rooij, Jeroen; Stolk, Lisette; Broer, Linda; Verbiest, Michael M. P. J.; Jhamai, Mila; Arp, Pascal; Metspalu, Andres; Tserel, Liina; Milani, Lili; Samani, Nilesh J.; Peterson, Paert; Kasela, Silva; Codd, Veryan; Peters, Annette; Ward-Caviness, Cavin K.; Herder, Christian; Waldenberger, Melanie; Roden, Michael; Hovatta, Iiris; Perola, Markus; Ripatti, Samuli; Kettunen, Johannes; NABEC UKBEC Consortium
Contributor organization: Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland
Iiris Hovatta / Principal Investigator
Samuli Olli Ripatti / Principal Investigator
Department of Public Health
Biostatistics Helsinki
Quantitative Genetics
Complex Disease Genetics
Date: 2015-10
Language: eng
Number of pages: 14
Belongs to series: Nature Communications
ISSN: 2041-1723
Abstract: Disease incidences increase with age, but the molecular characteristics of ageing that lead to increased disease susceptibility remain inadequately understood. Here we perform a whole-blood gene expression meta-analysis in 14,983 individuals of European ancestry (including replication) and identify 1,497 genes that are differentially expressed with chronological age. The age-associated genes do not harbor more age-associated CpG-methylation sites than other genes, but are instead enriched for the presence of potentially functional CpG-methylation sites in enhancer and insulator regions that associate with both chronological age and gene expression levels. We further used the gene expression profiles to calculate the 'transcriptomic age' of an individual, and show that differences between transcriptomic age and chronological age are associated with biological features linked to ageing, such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, fasting glucose, and body mass index. The transcriptomic prediction model adds biological relevance and complements existing epigenetic prediction models, and can be used by others to calculate transcriptomic age in external cohorts.
Subject: 3111 Biomedicine
Peer reviewed: Yes
Rights: cc_by
Usage restriction: openAccess
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