An epigenetic clock for gestational age at birth based on blood methylation data

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Knight , A K , Craig , J M , Theda , C , Baekvad-Hansen , M , Bybjerg-Grauholm , J , Hansen , C S , Hollegaard , M V , Hougaard , D M , Mortensen , P B , Weinsheimer , S M , Werge , T M , Brennan , P A , Cubells , J F , Newport , D J , Stowe , Z N , Cheong , J L Y , Dalach , P , Doyle , L W , Loke , Y J , Baccarelli , A A , Just , A C , Wright , R O , Tellez-Rojo , M M , Svensson , K , Trevisi , L , Kennedy , E M , Binder , E B , Iurato , S , Räikkönen , K , Lahti , J M T , Pesonen , A-K , Kajantie , E , Villa , P M , Laivuori , H , Hämäläinen , E , Park , H J , Bailey , L B , Parets , S E , Kilaru , V , Menon , R , Horvath , S , Bush , N R , LeWinn , K Z , Tylavsky , F A , Conneely , K N & Smith , A K 2016 , ' An epigenetic clock for gestational age at birth based on blood methylation data ' , Genome Biology , vol. 17 , 206 .

Title: An epigenetic clock for gestational age at birth based on blood methylation data
Author: Knight, Anna K.; Craig, Jeffrey M.; Theda, Christiane; Baekvad-Hansen, Marie; Bybjerg-Grauholm, Jonas; Hansen, Christine S.; Hollegaard, Mads V.; Hougaard, David M.; Mortensen, Preben B.; Weinsheimer, Shantel M.; Werge, Thomas M.; Brennan, Patricia A.; Cubells, Joseph F.; Newport, D. Jeffrey; Stowe, Zachary N.; Cheong, Jeanie L. Y.; Dalach, Philippa; Doyle, Lex W.; Loke, Yuk J.; Baccarelli, Andrea A.; Just, Allan C.; Wright, Robert O.; Tellez-Rojo, Mara M.; Svensson, Katherine; Trevisi, Letizia; Kennedy, Elizabeth M.; Binder, Elisabeth B.; Iurato, Stella; Räikkönen, Katri; Lahti, Jari M. T.; Pesonen, Anu-Katriina; Kajantie, Eero; Villa, Pia M.; Laivuori, Hannele; Hämäläinen, Esa; Park, Hea Jin; Bailey, Lynn B.; Parets, Sasha E.; Kilaru, Varun; Menon, Ramkumar; Horvath, Steve; Bush, Nicole R.; LeWinn, Kaja Z.; Tylavsky, Frances A.; Conneely, Karen N.; Smith, Alicia K.
Contributor organization: Behavioural Sciences
Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
Children's Hospital
Lastentautien yksikkö
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland
Department of Medical and Clinical Genetics
Pregnancy and Genes
Department of Clinical Chemistry and Hematology
HUS Gynecology and Obstetrics
Developmental Psychology Research Group
Date: 2016-10-07
Language: eng
Number of pages: 11
Belongs to series: Genome Biology
ISSN: 1474-7596
Abstract: Background: Gestational age is often used as a proxy for developmental maturity by clinicians and researchers alike. DNA methylation has previously been shown to be associated with age and has been used to accurately estimate chronological age in children and adults. In the current study, we examine whether DNA methylation in cord blood can be used to estimate gestational age at birth. Results: We find that gestational age can be accurately estimated from DNA methylation of neonatal cord blood and blood spot samples. We calculate a DNA methylation gestational age using 148 CpG sites selected through elastic net regression in six training datasets. We evaluate predictive accuracy in nine testing datasets and find that the accuracy of the DNA methylation gestational age is consistent with that of gestational age estimates based on established methods, such as ultrasound. We also find that an increased DNA methylation gestational age relative to clinical gestational age is associated with birthweight independent of gestational age, sex, and ancestry. Conclusions: DNA methylation can be used to accurately estimate gestational age at or near birth and may provide additional information relevant to developmental stage. Further studies of this predictor are warranted to determine its utility in clinical settings and for research purposes. When clinical estimates are available this measure may increase accuracy in the testing of hypotheses related to developmental age and other early life circumstances.
Subject: Developmental age
Epigenetic clock
DNA methylation
Preterm birth
Cord blood
Blood spot
Socioeconomic status
3122 Cancers
515 Psychology
Peer reviewed: Yes
Usage restriction: openAccess
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