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  • Määttä, Simo Kalervo (2007)
  • Lillqvist, Ella; Harju, Anu Annika (2018)
    With much contemporary discussion on social media and the ethics and transparency of the way they operate, this article examines the discursive processes of user engagement as Baudrillardian solicitation. The concept of solicitation allows us to conceptualize social media use as a transactional process whereby the user is enticed by a promise of a 'Gift' and thus lured into using a service or a product. Simultaneously, the very act of participation implicates the user, albeit unwittingly, in the sanctioning and legitimizing of the operational logic behind social media. Adopting a CDS perspective, we explore the ways in which Facebook entices users through discursive processes of solicitation. We analyse, making use of corpus linguistic tools, both Facebook corporate communication and user reactions. Our findings show that the user is enticed by foregrounding the value of participation for the user and promising four types of Gift: protection, freedom of expression, personal connection, and a general altruism on the part of the corporation. Thus, this study sheds light on how users are enticed discursively by the social media company and the ways in which they either accept the discourse or resist it.
  • Hälli, Outi; Haimi, Minna; Laurila, Tapio; Oliviero, Claudio; Viitasaari, Elina Anna Maria; Orro, Toomas; Peltoniemi, Olli Aarno Tapio; Scheinin, Mika; Siren, Saija; Valros, Anna Elisabet; Heinonen, Mari Leena (2018)
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    Syntactic typology and Sentence Theme
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  • Li, Jichen; Hernandez-Ramirez, Guillermo; Kiani, Mina; Quideau, Sylvie; Smith, Elwin G.; Janzen, Henry; Larney, Francis J.; Puurveen, Dick (2018)
    Soil organic matter (SOM) is a major driver of key agroecosystem functions. Our objective was to examine the dynamics of organic matter in whole soil, particulate (POM; > 53 μm size) and mineral-associated (MAOM) fractions under varying crop rotations and nutrient managements at two long-term experimental sites (Breton and Lethbridge). Soil samples were collected from simple (2 yrs) and complex (5 or 6 yrs) crop rotations at the 5-10 cm depth. We found associations between SOM pools versus microbial community and soil aggregation. Compared to cropped soils, an adjacent forest exhibited a significantly higher soil total organic carbon (TOC) and a shift in SOM fractions with substantially higher POM. However, the forest soil had the lowest microbial biomass C (MBC) among all the assessed land use systems (P<0.05), suggesting that other factors than the amount of labile SOM (i.e., POM-C) were controlling the microbial community. When contrasted to simple 2-yr rotations, the complex rotations including perennials and legumes significantly raised TOC and soil total nitrogen (TN) as well as the stable SOM fraction (i.e., MAOM-C and -N) consistently for both Breton and Lethbridge sites. Our findings highlight that varying land managements have profound feedbacks on soil quality as mediated by alterations in long-term SOM dynamics.
  • Hakulinen, Auli; Karlsson, Fred Göran (1975)