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  • Cvirkaite-Krupovic, Virginija (Helsingin yliopisto, 2010)
    Viruses are biological entities able to replicate only within their host cells. Accordingly, entry into the host is a crucial step of the virus life-cycle. The focus of this study was the entry of bacterial membrane-containing viruses into their host cells. In order to reach the site of replication, the cytoplasm of the host, bacterial viruses have to traverse the host cell envelope, which consists of several distinct layers. Lipid membrane is a common feature among animal viruses but not so frequently observed in bacteriophages. There are three families of icosahedral bacteriophages that contain lipid membranes. These viruses belong to families Cystoviridae, Tectiviridae, and Corticoviridae. During the course of this study the entry mechanisms of phages representing the three viral families were investigated. We employed a range of microbiological, biochemical, molecular biology and microscopy techniques that allowed us to dissect phage entry into discrete steps: receptor binding, penetration through the outer membrane, crossing the peptidoglycan layer and interaction with the cytoplasmic membrane. We determined that bacteriophages belonging to the Cystoviridae, Tectiviridae, and Corticoviridae viral families use completely different strategies to penetrate into their host cells.