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  • Kauppinen, Antti Mikael (2000)
    My thesis aims to situate Jürgen Habermas's theory of discourse ethics in the context of contemporary debates in English-speaking moral philosophy. To accomplish this, I treat in the first chapter Humean and Kantian conceptions of practical reason, and their contemporary defenders. In the second chapter, I move on to Habermas's own work. His ethics is built on the background of original theories of communicative action and rationality. Going through the theory I try to correct some of Habermas's terminological idiosyncrasies. The third chapter is devoted to the concept of identity in its different meanings. I situate Habermas's theory in the context built by Locke, Hegel, and Mead, and examine the normative conclusions he draws from his model. The fourth chapter is the crux of the work. It aims to present the theory of discourse ethics in as clear a form as possible. I make some new suggesstion on how to interpret it. The final chapter deals with the question of moral realism and objectivity. I argue against realist interpretations of discourse ethics on the grounds that the theory's distinctive character of second person justification would be lost in them.