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  • Kuvaja, Eveliina (Helsingfors universitet, 2011)
    The object of this master´s thesis is to estimate the social costs of waste collection and transportation in the chosen research area in Punavuori, Helsinki. In the field of waste management, the costs of waste collection and transportation are significant ones. This increases the demand of cost estimation. The costs are also very sensitive to the changes of the city structure, collection styles and different technologies and therefore there is need for this detailed case-study. The research area in Punavuori, Helsinki is one of the most densely populated areas in Finland. Narrow streets, heavy traffic and waste rooms located in inner courts make the waste collection slower and harder. Because of these special characters waste collection and transportation cause not only private costs but in addition many externalities. These externalities occur for example in a form of air pollution or in losses of inhabitants’ common satisfaction of their living area. In this thesis the costs of waste collection and transportation are counted for four waste types. The costs include the private costs and the external costs in terms of certain emissions. The data consist of literature sources, expert help and the measurements made in Punavuori. An average social cost of waste collection and transportation using so called time based calculation is 73 €/ton. However the results showed that there are significant differences in the costs of different waste types and these costs range between 49 and 125 €/ton. The cost differences occur mainly because of the consistence of the waste type. Light and non-compact waste types have the highest collection and transportation costs. Based on the theoretical background and the source material the results showed that the external costs are minor compared to the private costs of waste collection and transportation.