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  • Keinänen, Leena (Helsingin yliopisto, 2010)
    This thesis presents an experimental study of the speech prosody of identical and non-identical twins. Speech fluency, pauses, speech rate, utterance length and speech frequency were examined phonetically, auditorily, semantically and statistically. The methods included both reading tasks (reading the alphabet, numerical lists, sentences with foreign loan words, holiday theme questions as well as 1.5 pages of text with long sentences and complex words) and spontaneous speech tasks (picture description and answering holiday theme questions). The subjects were Finnish-speaking 22-28-year-old female twins: 8 identical (monozygotic) and 10 non-identical (dizygotic) pairs. One pair was male-female. Comparisons were made between twin groups and between sisters. The data was regathered from four twin pairs, to make it possible to investigate some subjects intra-individually. In addition phoneticians, phonetic students and people without knowledge of phonetic science were tested in two listening experiments. The results showed that the dizygotic twins differed more from each other than monozygotic twins and that monozygotic twin sisters shared more similarities than dizygotic twin sisters. For example, between monozygotic twin sisters smaller differences were found between word count, utterance length and speech rate in spontaneous speech tasks. Dizygotic twin sisters made more different kinds of reading mistakes with the same target words than monozygotic twin sisters, while monozygotic twin sisters made more of the same reading mistakes with the same target words than dizygotic twin sisters. The listening experiments showed that only professional phoneticians were able to recognize the twin sisters. Even though the twins had the possibility to freely choose their speech rate, pausing and speech frequency, they used their own speech patterns; these included the same average speech frequency, average speech rate, type of pausing routine or filled pauses, and other speech mannerisms throughout their speech.