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  • Tanskanen, Antti (Helsingin yliopisto, 2012)
    In my thesis I study agency work and especially agency workers quality of working life. My research data includes qualitative and quantitative materials. The qualitative materials include, for example, parliamentary documents, Internet discussion group data, articles from the daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, Ministry of Labour reports and documents written from the employers point of view. The quantitative materials consist of the 2005 European Working Conditions Survey and the Finnish Labour Force Surveys for 2008 and 2009. My thesis consists of six original articles and a summarizing chapter. The results show that agency workers have a poorer quality of working life compared to other workers, both in the EU15 countries and in Finland. In the EU15 countries, agency workers are less likely than workers with a standard employment contract to have social support, job satisfaction, autonomy, work security and high qualifications. In Finland, agency workers, compared to other workers, are, for example, less educated, have a lower socio-economic status and lower levels of qualifications. In addition, agency workers are willing to do a higher amount of work and have more often searched for a new job than other workers. Compared to other workers, agency workers are less likely to hold a manager position in the workplace. Finally, both in the EU15 countries and in Finland, agency workers are paid less than other workers. According to my analyses, agency work is a neoliberal form of employment. The main characteristics of agency work are flexibility, insecurity and the hegemony of employers. Agency work has also been deregulated during the last decades and nowadays agency work is a relatively free and unregulated form of work. In the contemporary labour market in Finland, agency workers are in a poor position because agency work is unregulated, the Ministry of Employment and the Labour Movement have not improved the position of agency workers, and employers are lobbying for agency work. At the end of the summarizing chapter, the results are discussed with reference to evolutionary theory. The main themes are status striving, cooperation, fairness, reciprocity, fear and self-deception.