Search for magnetic monopoles with the MoEDAL prototype trapping detector in 8 TeV proton-proton collisions at the LHC

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Acharya , B , Alexandre , J , Bendtz , K , Benes , P , Bernabeu , J , Campbell , M , Cecchini , S , Chwastowski , J , Chatterjee , A , de Montigny , M , Derendarz , D , De Roeck , A , Ellis , J R , Fairbairn , M , Felea , D , Frank , M , Frekers , D , Garcia , C , Giacomelli , G , Hasegan , D , Kalliokoski , M , Katre , A , Kim , D -W , King , M G L , Kinoshita , K , Lacarrere , D H , Lee , S C , Leroy , C , Lionti , A , Margiotta , A , Mauri , N , Mavromatos , N E , Mermod , P , Milstead , D , Mitsou , V A , Orava , R , Parker , B , Pasqualini , L , Patrizii , L , Pavalas , G E , Pinfold , J L , Platkevic , M , Popa , V , Pozzato , M , Pospisil , S , Rajantie , A , Sahnoun , Z , Sakellariadou , M , Sarkar , S , Stemenoff , G , Kalliokoski , M & MoEDAL Collaboration 2016 , ' Search for magnetic monopoles with the MoEDAL prototype trapping detector in 8 TeV proton-proton collisions at the LHC ' , Journal of High Energy Physics , vol. 2016 , no. 08 , 067 .

Title: Search for magnetic monopoles with the MoEDAL prototype trapping detector in 8 TeV proton-proton collisions at the LHC
Author: Acharya, B.; Alexandre, J.; Bendtz, K.; Benes, P.; Bernabeu, J.; Campbell, M.; Cecchini, S.; Chwastowski, J.; Chatterjee, A.; de Montigny, M.; Derendarz, D.; De Roeck, A.; Ellis, J. R.; Fairbairn, M.; Felea, D.; Frank, M.; Frekers, D.; Garcia, C.; Giacomelli, G.; Hasegan, D.; Kalliokoski, M.; Katre, A.; Kim, D. -W.; King, M. G. L.; Kinoshita, K.; Lacarrere, D. H.; Lee, S. C.; Leroy, C.; Lionti, A.; Margiotta, A.; Mauri, N.; Mavromatos, N. E.; Mermod, P.; Milstead, D.; Mitsou, V. A.; Orava, R.; Parker, B.; Pasqualini, L.; Patrizii, L.; Pavalas, G. E.; Pinfold, J. L.; Platkevic, M.; Popa, V.; Pozzato, M.; Pospisil, S.; Rajantie, A.; Sahnoun, Z.; Sakellariadou, M.; Sarkar, S.; Stemenoff, G.; Kalliokoski, Matti; MoEDAL Collaboration
Contributor organization: Department of Physics
Date: 2016-08-10
Language: eng
Number of pages: 25
Belongs to series: Journal of High Energy Physics
ISSN: 1029-8479
Abstract: The MoEDAL experiment is designed to search for magnetic monopoles and other highly-ionising particles produced in high-energy collisions at the LHC. The largely passive MoEDAL detector, deployed at Interaction Point 8 on the LHC ring, relies on two dedicated direct detection techniques. The first technique is based on stacks of nuclear-track detectors with surface area similar to 18 m(2), sensitive to particle ionisation exceeding a high threshold. These detectors are analysed offline by optical scanning microscopes. The second technique is based on the trapping of charged particles in an array of roughly 800 kg of aluminium samples. These samples are monitored offline for the presence of trapped magnetic charge at a remote superconducting magnetometer facility. We present here the results of a search for magnetic monopoles using a 160 kg prototype MoEDAL trapping detector exposed to 8TeV proton-proton collisions at the LHC, for an integrated luminosity of 0.75 fb(-1). No magnetic charge exceeding 0.5g(D) (where g(D) is the Dirac magnetic charge) is measured in any of the exposed samples, allowing limits to be placed on monopole production in the mass range 100 GeV
Subject: Exotics
Hadron-Hadron scattering (experiments)
Particle and resonance production
114 Physical sciences
Peer reviewed: Yes
Rights: cc_by
Usage restriction: openAccess
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