Hypothalamic AMPK-ER Stress-JNK1 Axis Mediates the Central Actions of Thyroid Hormones on Energy Balance

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Martinez-Sanchez , N , Seoane-Collazo , P , Contreras , C , Varela , L , Villarroya , J , Rial-Pensado , E , Buque , X , Aurrekoetxea , I , Delgado , T C , Vazquez-Martinez , R , Gonzalez-Garcia , I , Roa , J , Whittle , A J , Gomez-Santos , B , Velagapudi , V , Loraine Tung , Y C , Morgan , D A , Voshol , P J , Martinez de Morentin , P B , Lopez-Gonzalez , T , Linares-Pose , L , Gonzalez , F , Chatterjee , K , Sobrino , T , Medina-Gomez , G , Davis , R J , Casals , N , Oresic , M , Coll , A P , Vidal-Puig , A , Mittag , J , Tena-Sempere , M , Malagon , M M , Dieguez , C , Martinez-Chantar , M L , Aspichueta , P , Rahmouni , K , Nogueiras , R , Sabio , G , Villarroya , F & Lopez , M 2017 , ' Hypothalamic AMPK-ER Stress-JNK1 Axis Mediates the Central Actions of Thyroid Hormones on Energy Balance ' , Cell Metabolism , vol. 26 , no. 1 , pp. 212-+ . https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cmet.2017.06.014

Title: Hypothalamic AMPK-ER Stress-JNK1 Axis Mediates the Central Actions of Thyroid Hormones on Energy Balance
Author: Martinez-Sanchez, Noelia; Seoane-Collazo, Patricia; Contreras, Cristina; Varela, Luis; Villarroya, Joan; Rial-Pensado, Eva; Buque, Xabier; Aurrekoetxea, Igor; Delgado, Teresa C.; Vazquez-Martinez, Rafael; Gonzalez-Garcia, Ismael; Roa, Juan; Whittle, Andrew J.; Gomez-Santos, Beatriz; Velagapudi, Vidya; Loraine Tung, Y. C.; Morgan, Donald A.; Voshol, Peter J.; Martinez de Morentin, Pablo B.; Lopez-Gonzalez, Tania; Linares-Pose, Laura; Gonzalez, Francisco; Chatterjee, Krishna; Sobrino, Tomas; Medina-Gomez, Gema; Davis, Roger J.; Casals, Nuria; Oresic, Matej; Coll, Anthony P.; Vidal-Puig, Antonio; Mittag, Jens; Tena-Sempere, Manuel; Malagon, Maria M.; Dieguez, Carlos; Martinez-Chantar, Maria Luz; Aspichueta, Patricia; Rahmouni, Kamal; Nogueiras, Ruben; Sabio, Guadalupe; Villarroya, Francesc; Lopez, Miguel
Contributor: University of Helsinki, University of Helsinki
Date: 2017-07-05
Language: eng
Number of pages: 30
Belongs to series: Cell Metabolism
ISSN: 1550-4131
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10138/203392
Abstract: Thyroid hormones (THs) act in the brain to modulate energy balance. We show that central triiodothyronine (T3) regulates de novo lipogenesis in liver and lipid oxidation in brown adipose tissue (BAT) through the parasympathetic (PSNS) and sympathetic nervous system (SNS), respectively. Central T3 promotes hepatic lipogenesis with parallel stimulation of the thermogenic program in BAT. The action of T3 depends on AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK)-induced regulation of two signaling pathways in the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus (VMH): decreased ceramide-induced endoplasmic reticulum(ER) stress, which promotes BAT thermogenesis, and increased c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) activation, which controls hepatic lipid metabolism. Of note, ablation of AMPK alpha 1 in steroidogenic factor 1 (SF1) neurons of the VMH fully recapitulated the effect of central T3, pointing to this population in mediating the effect of central THs on metabolism. Overall, these findings uncover the underlying pathways through which central T3 modulates peripheral metabolism.
3111 Biomedicine
1182 Biochemistry, cell and molecular biology

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