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UHACC : University of Helsinki Addiction Clip Collection


The University of Helsinki Addiction Clip Collection (UHACC) is an archive on addiction-related themes. It consists of about 450 clips from about 140 films. The description gives a short plot synopsis of the movie, a short description what happens in the particular scene, some keywords and the chronological place inside the movie. The themes of the clips cover alcohol, tobacco, illegal drug use, abuse and addiction in general. Non-substance addictions, such as gambling behaviour (normal and problematic), sex addiction, workaholism and eating and eating disorders are also covered by the archive. Suitable clips were identified from the literature, by using internet search engines (www.google.com and www.imdb.com) and by researching the Finnish Film Archive (Kansallinen audiovisuaalinen arkisto). All in all more than 160 movies have been screened. Clips are between 30 seconds and 4 minutes long and collected for the purpose of using them as vignettes in different types of studies related to addictions. The collection is an offer for all interested researchers, but it still does not serve all research designs. Therefore, the size and the content of the archive is intended to grow by adding further clip descriptions to ensure a usability for the biggest possible amount of researches. The UHACC keywords are designed to facilitate selections from the clips for specific purposes. The clips are categorized by the main substance or behaviour (alcohol/drugs/eating/ gambling/tobacco/other) and by the main characters’ sex (female/male/mixed) and age (children or adolescent/adult). Alcohol, tobacco and drug scenes have keywords for the specific types of these substances are used; keywords for gambling scenes specify the games; and keywords for eating disorders indicate the kind of problem (bulimic eating/indulging/fasting). Other clips are classified by keywords for sex, work, sport and other. There can be more than one of these keywords attached to each clip. Substance use is often a matter of transgressing the borders of normal everyday life, and this is marked with a keyword when appropriate. Problematic consumption or behaviour is indicated with a keyword for the kind of problem described (money/psychological distress/health/social). Finally the sociability of the consumption or behaviour is described by a keyword (solitary/in company).

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