Proceedings of resources for optimal care of acute care and emergency surgery consensus summit Donegal Ireland

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Sugrue , M , Maier , R , Moore , E E , Boermeester , M , Catena , F , Coccolini , F , Leppaniemi , A , Peitzman , A , Velmahos , G , Ansaloni , L , Abu-Zidan , F , Balfe , P , Bendinelli , C , Biffl , W , Bowyer , M , DeMoya , M , De Waele , J , Di Saverio , S , Drake , A , Fraga , G P , Hallal , A , Henry , C , Hodgetts , T , Hsee , L , Huddart , S , Kirkpatrick , A W , Kluger , Y , Lawler , L , Malangoni , M A , Malbrain , M , MacMahon , P , Mealy , K , O'Kane , M , Loughlin , P , Paduraru , M , Pearce , L , Pereira , B M , Priyantha , A , Sartelli , M , Soreide , K , Steele , C , Thomas , S , Vincent , J L & Woods , L 2017 , ' Proceedings of resources for optimal care of acute care and emergency surgery consensus summit Donegal Ireland ' , World journal of emergency surgery , vol. 12 , 47 .

Title: Proceedings of resources for optimal care of acute care and emergency surgery consensus summit Donegal Ireland
Author: Sugrue, M.; Maier, R.; Moore, E. E.; Boermeester, M.; Catena, F.; Coccolini, F.; Leppaniemi, A.; Peitzman, A.; Velmahos, G.; Ansaloni, L.; Abu-Zidan, F.; Balfe, P.; Bendinelli, C.; Biffl, W.; Bowyer, M.; DeMoya, M.; De Waele, J.; Di Saverio, S.; Drake, A.; Fraga, G. P.; Hallal, A.; Henry, C.; Hodgetts, T.; Hsee, L.; Huddart, S.; Kirkpatrick, A. W.; Kluger, Y.; Lawler, L.; Malangoni, M. A.; Malbrain, M.; MacMahon, P.; Mealy, K.; O'Kane, M.; Loughlin, P.; Paduraru, M.; Pearce, L.; Pereira, B. M.; Priyantha, A.; Sartelli, M.; Soreide, K.; Steele, C.; Thomas, S.; Vincent, J. L.; Woods, L.
Contributor organization: II kirurgian klinikka
Department of Surgery
HUS Abdominal Center
Date: 2017-10-23
Language: eng
Number of pages: 5
Belongs to series: World journal of emergency surgery
ISSN: 1749-7922
Abstract: Background: Opportunities to improve emergency surgery outcomes exist through guided better practice and reduced variability. Few attempts have been made to define optimal care in emergency surgery, and few clinically derived key performance indicators (KPIs) have been published. A summit was therefore convened to look at resources for optimal care of emergency surgery. The aim of the Donegal Summit was to set a platform in place to develop guidelines and KPIs in emergency surgery. Methods: The project had multidisciplinary global involvement in producing consensus statements regarding emergency surgery care in key areas, and to assess feasibility of producing KPIs that could be used to monitor process and outcome of care in the future. Results: Forty-four key opinion leaders in emergency surgery, across 7 disciplines from 17 countries, composed evidence-based position papers on 14 key areas of emergency surgery and 112 KPIs in 20 acute conditions or emergency systems. Conclusions: The summit was successful in achieving position papers and KPIs in emergency surgery. While position papers were limited by non-graded evidence and non-validated KPIs, the process set a foundation for the future advancement of emergency surgery.
Subject: Emergency surgery
Optimal care
Performance indicators
Surgical outcomes
3126 Surgery, anesthesiology, intensive care, radiology
Peer reviewed: Yes
Rights: cc_by
Usage restriction: openAccess
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