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  • Hietaniemi, Kari (Svenska handelshögskolan, 2016-08-31)
  • Bodapudi, Varunkumar (Svenska handelshögskolan, 2016-08-31)
  • Lindberg-Repo, Kirsti Helena; Dube, Apramey (2016-07)
  • Unknown author (Hanken School of Economics, 2016-08-10)
    In keeping with our long-term strategy of being an internationally recognised, competitive and research-intensive business school, Hanken has worked since 1999 to obtain international accreditations. In the autumn of 2015, Hanken obtained the AACSB-accreditation and achieved the long-term goal of being a so-called Triple Crown-business school. In 2015, Hanken also qualified for the Financial Times’ (FT) annual Masters in Management ranking. Hanken’s master’s programme was ranked 67th, an extremely good result considering that there are in total some 15 000 business schools in the world. This contributed to Hanken also being listed 76th in Financial Times’ ranking of the best business schools in Europe. Hanken´s investments in corporate responsibility and activities within the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) were recognized as Hanken was again elected member in the PRME Champions group. Hanken´s ambition to direct research investments towards quality over quantity using different incentives, for example through rewards that the Hanken Support Foundation hands out for top publications, has been successful. The first Hanken Research Day was organised in Helsinki during the autumn in order to further develop the research environment. Researchers shared their ideas and strengthened networks across both disciplinary and unit boundaries, improving collaboration within Hanken. The Hanken Research Day will have its counterpart in an annual teaching event, Hanken Teaching Day, which will be arranged in 2016 in Vaasa. During the year, Hanken launched a renewed programme portfolio of international master’s degree programmes. There are now fewer programmes, but students can choose from different orientation possibilities. With these renewals, Hanken looks to becoming more competitive in the international market for master’s degree programmes. Hanken´s organisation has undergone changes during the year regarding decreasing the number of subjects that can be chosen as a major subject within degree education. While remaining an important support subject at Hanken, Statistics is no longer an option as a major subject for Hanken students. Through taking these measures, Hanken is aiming to create a critical mass and divide its resources wisely among its areas of strength. During 2015, negotiations concerning structural cooperation were initiated between Arcada and Hanken, leading to an agreement on concrete forms of cooperation in 2016. One of these joint ventures is support for digitalisation. Digitalisation of Hanken´s activities has progressed within both teaching and administration during 2015. The goal is to share knowledge, create courses and optimise use of resources as well as to create digitalised services. Hanken will continue to pursue collaborations that offer resource-effective solutions, without compromising Hanken´s status as a stand-alone business school. Another investment that strengthened Hanken´s position as a stand-alone business school with activities in both Helsinki and Vaasa, was to buy the properties at both locations. This increased the university´s balance sheet total, which was already strong thanks to the successful Hanken 100 fundraising campaign and the returns from investments made. Hanken´s economy was stable in 2015 and thanks to investment activities the result showed a profit. The forecast for Hanken’s funding is, however, disquieting and the need for external financing is increasing. The ongoing HANKEN RETURNS fundraising campaign is very important for Hanken´s future. It gives me great pleasure that the campaign has continued successfully in 2015 and I wish that as many as possible will be able to participate before the campaign ends in 2017. As new Rector I took over a successful business school. Hanken´s success stems from the efforts of Hanken´s dedicated personnel together with our students, alumni, partners and our friends. A warm thank-you to all who have contributed and supported Hanken and our continuous and ongoing development! Karen Spens Rector, Professor
  • Unknown author (Hanken School of Economics, 2016-08-10)
    Hanken Svenska handelshögskolan är en ledande internationellt ackrediterad handelshögskola i Finland. Hanken grundades för mer än hundra år sedan och är därmed en av de äldsta handelshögskolorna i Norden. Idag är Hanken en handelshögskola med klart uttalade styrkeområden som är; finansiell ekonomi och ekonomisk statistik, företagsledning och organisation, immaterialrätt samt tjänste- och relationsmarknadsföring. Hanken är en forskningsintensiv handelshögskola och all utbildning - grund-, forskar-, och fortbildning är forskningsbaserad. Hanken är en internationellt inriktad handelshögskola, där internationaliseringen och flerspråkigheten i ökande grad genomsyrar alla verksamhetsområden. Hanken erbjuder akademiska examina på alla nivåer och fortbildning på två Campus. För att behålla den praktiska relevansen i all verksamhet är våra kontakter till företagsvärlden i centrum för vår verksamhet. Kvalitet i forskningen nås via ett starkt engagemang i det internationella forskarsamfundet. Inom utbildningen har högskolan en lång tradition av både intern och extern internationalisering, med ett omfattande nätverk av partneruniversitet för studentutbyte, en nationellt sett hög andel internationella examensstuderande och en tilltagande internationalisering av forskar- och lärarkåren. Högskolans medvetna val att i likhet med många internationellt ledande handelshögskolor fungera som en fristående handelshögskola innebär utmaningar, men ger samtidigt också flexibilitet att anpassa verksamheten snabbt till den tilltagande internationella konkurrensen inom forskning och utbildning och till de utmaningar som en växande samverkan med näringslivet ställer på högskolan. I detta avseende är Hanken unik i Finland. Sedan år 2000 är Hanken en internationellt ackrediterad handelshögskola (EQUIS). Hankens MBA-program ackrediterades 2008 av internationella Association of MBAs (AMBA). Högskolan undertecknade år 2007 som den första handelshögskolan i Finland de internationellt överenskomna PRME värderingarna och principerna för ansvarsfull ekonomutbildning (PRME, Principles for Responsible Management Education, www.unprme.org).
  • Unknown author (Hanken School of Economics, 2016-08-10)
    In many respects, 2009 was an exceptional year for Hanken School of Economics. One hundred years had passed since Högre Svenska Handelsläroverket, the forerunner of the current School, started its activities. In addition to this important anniversary, the year was also characterised by the historic reform of the Universities Act and by the global economic crisis. In June the Parliament of Finland approved the new Universities Act after several years of intensive preparation. This allowed the School to establish a new framework for its organisational structure and decision-making during the autumn. A university council consisting of faculty, staff and students elected a new board. Although at that stage the School was not yet ready to elect a board with an external majority, as allowed by the new Universities Act, it is already clear that the role of the board will change and develop to the benefit of the School. During the year a new overall strategy for the School was prepared, which was characterised both by increased international ambitions in terms of research and teaching and by greater interaction with the surrounding world in which Hanken operates. Efforts to strengthen the School’s international competitiveness continued throughout the year. Those Hanken students who began their studies in 2009 are the first to study according to degree regulations that include a period of study abroad as a course requirement. This initiative, which can now be realised after several years’ preparation, was well received by the students. In order to develop Hanken School of Economics and strengthen the conditions for recruiting researchers, teachers and students, the School initiated the process for obtaining the international AACSB accreditation. The new Universities Act creates better conditions for the School’s interaction with the business community. During the year, preparations were made for an incorporation of the successful co-operation in executive education developed by Hanken over the last few years with the Stockholm School of Economics. The new company, Hanken & SSE Executive Education, was able to begin operations at the start of 2010. In order to strengthen the universities’ financial structure, the Finnish government decided to support fundraising by universities. The School began fundraising during the year. Although the economic crisis was expected to make fundraising more difficult, the campaign rapidly gained momentum. Despite the fact that the campaign is not yet finished, it is perfectly clear that the fundraising targets set by the School will be met and indeed exceeded. This should be regarded as a sign of strong confidence in the School, while at the same time it creates some financial leeway for new initiatives. Under the motto “100 years of future”, the School celebrated its centenary with a large number of activities. The year brought with it greater visibility for the School, and at the same time it became a meeting point for Hanken alumni and target groups that had not previously been linked to Hanken. The centenary year concluded with a ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees, the largest ever in the history of the School. The year, unforgettable in so many respects, revealed the depth and breadth of the School’s activities and of its relations with the surrounding world. The activities during the year also demonstrated that there is a readiness within the School for innovation and change. The School would like to express its heartfelt thanks for the commitment and interest shown during this centenary year.