Expected Performance of the ATLAS Experiment - Detector, Trigger and Physics

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dc.contributor University of Helsinki, Helsinki Institute of Physics en
dc.contributor University of Helsinki, Dep. of Diagnostic and Therapeutic (Intitute of Clinical Medicine) (-2009) en
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dc.date.accessioned 2010-12-15T13:54:00Z
dc.date.available 2010-12-15T13:54:01Z
dc.date.issued 2008
dc.identifier.citation Aad , G , Eerola , P & ATLAS Collaboration 2008 , Expected Performance of the ATLAS Experiment - Detector, Trigger and Physics . CERN/LHCC . en
dc.identifier.isbn 978-92-9083-321-5
dc.identifier.other PURE: 10113494
dc.identifier.other PURE UUID: c496a826-7444-4505-a6ef-846bc1000717
dc.identifier.other ArXiv: http://arxiv.org/abs/0901.0512v4
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10138/23987
dc.description.abstract A detailed study is presented of the expected performance of the ATLAS detector. The reconstruction of tracks, leptons, photons, missing energy and jets is investigated, together with the performance of b-tagging and the trigger. The physics potential for a variety of interesting physics processes, within the Standard Model and beyond, is examined. The study comprises a series of notes based on simulations of the detector and physics processes, with particular emphasis given to the data expected from the first years of operation of the LHC at CERN. en
dc.format.extent 1828
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher CERN/LHCC
dc.rights en
dc.subject hep-ex en
dc.subject 114 Physical sciences en
dc.title Expected Performance of the ATLAS Experiment - Detector, Trigger and Physics en
dc.type Commissioned report
dc.type.uri info:eu-repo/semantics/other

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