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Att tolka namn i tiden. Om det socioonomastiska greppet

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Title: Att tolka namn i tiden. Om det socioonomastiska greppet
Author: Schybergson, Anita
Belongs to series: Acta Translatologica Helsingiensia Vol. 1
ISSN: 1799-3156
Abstract: Abstract (The socio-onomastic approach and translation): The article adopts an onomastic perspective on the translation, and highlights the challenges posed by the given names. The newer socio-onomastic research has drawn attention to the emotive, appealing, ideological and integrative functions of the names, showing strong links with both the period and with society. In the article this is exemplified with ship names from the nineteenth century, which partly reflect classicism (Argo, Hercules, Juno, Neptunus) and national romanticism (Aallotar, Aino, Sampo, Wellamo). A special challenge is posed by the transparent names that evoke the actual words used, such as Penningdraken ('Money Dragon'), a ship that brought big money, and Människoätaren ('The man killer'), a ship where many sailors lost their lives. Names raise time-bound and culture-bound associations and the translator should be able to interpret the names as an embodiment of the society and the culture from which they originate.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10138/24331
Date: 2010-12-30
Copyright information: © 2010 Finska, finskugriska och nordiska institutionen och författaren

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