Two bracketing schemes for the Penn Treebank

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Yli-Jyrä , A 2006 , Two bracketing schemes for the Penn Treebank . in A man of measure . The Linguistic Association of Finland , Turku , pp. 472 - 479 . < >

Titel: Two bracketing schemes for the Penn Treebank
Författare: Yli-Jyrä, Anssi
Medarbetare: University of Helsinki, Department of Modern Languages 2010-2017
Utgivare: The Linguistic Association of Finland
Datum: 2006
Språk: eng
Sidantal: 8
Tillhör serie: A man of measure
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Abstrakt: The trees in the Penn Treebank have a standard representation that involves complete balanced bracketing. In this article, an alternative for this standard representation of the tree bank is proposed. The proposed representation for the trees is loss-less, but it reduces the total number of brackets by 28%. This is possible by omitting the redundant pairs of special brackets that encode initial and final embedding, using a technique proposed by Krauwer and des Tombe (1981). In terms of the paired brackets, the maximum nesting depth in sentences decreases by 78%. The 99.9% coverage is achieved with only five non-top levels of paired brackets. The observed shallowness of the reduced bracketing suggests that finite-state based methods for parsing and searching could be a feasible option for tree bank processing.
Subject: 612 Languages and Literature
language technology
phrase markers
113 Computer and information sciences
finite-state methods

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