Species conservation profiles of a random sample of world spiders I : Agelenidae to Filistatidae

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Seppälä , S , Henriques , S , Draney , M L , Foord , S , Gibbons , A T , Gomez , L A , Kariko , S , Malumbres-Olarte , J , Milne , M , Vink , C J & Cardoso , P 2018 , ' Species conservation profiles of a random sample of world spiders I : Agelenidae to Filistatidae ' , Biodiversity Data Journal , vol. 6 , e23555 . https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.6.e23555

Title: Species conservation profiles of a random sample of world spiders I : Agelenidae to Filistatidae
Author: Seppälä, Sini; Henriques, Sergio; Draney, Michael L.; Foord, Stefan; Gibbons, Alastair T.; Gomez, Luz A.; Kariko, Sarah; Malumbres-Olarte, Jagoba; Milne, Marc; Vink, Cor J.; Cardoso, Pedro
Contributor organization: Zoology
Finnish Museum of Natural History
Date: 2018-04-25
Language: eng
Number of pages: 189
Belongs to series: Biodiversity Data Journal
ISSN: 1314-2836
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.6.e23555
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10138/265095
Abstract: Background The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is the most widely used information source on the extinction risk of species. One of the uses of the Red List is to evaluate and monitor the state of biodiversity and a possible approach for this purpose is the Red List Index (RLI). For many taxa, mainly hyperdiverse groups, it is not possible within available resources to assess all known species. In such cases, a random sample of species might be selected for assessment and the results derived from it extrapolated for the entire group - the Sampled Red List Index (SRLI). With the current contribution and the three following papers, we intend to create the first point in time of a future spider SRLI encompassing 200 species distributed across the world. New information A sample of 200 species of spiders were randomly selected from the World Spider Catalogue, an updated global database containing all recognised species names for the group. The 200 selected species where divided taxonomically at the family level and the familes were ordered alphabetically. In this publication, we present the conservation profiles of 46 species belonging to the famillies alphabetically arranged between Agelenidae and Filistatidae, which encompassed Agelenidae, Amaurobiidae, Anyphaenidae, Araneidae, Archaeidae, Barychelidae, Clubionidae, Corinnidae, Ctenidae, Ctenizidae, Cyatholipidae, Dictynidae, Dysderidae, Eresidae and Filistatidae.
1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology
Peer reviewed: Yes
Rights: cc_by
Usage restriction: openAccess
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