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The Quest for Well-being in Growth Industries 2: The Survey

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Titel: The Quest for Well-being in Growth Industries 2: The Survey
Author: Tallberg, Teemu; Hearn, Jeff; Niemistö, Charlotta; Gripenberg, Pernilla; Jyrkinen, Marjut; McKie, Linda
Tillhör serie: Working Paper - 558
ISSN: 0357-4598
ISBN: 978-952-232-140-4
Abstrakt: This working paper reports the ongoing research conducted in the research project, The Quest for Well-being in Growth Industries: A Collaborative Study in Finland and Scotland, under the auspices of Academy of Finland research programme, The Future of Work and Well-being. The research project examines the contradictory pressures for policies and practices towards both the inhibition and the enhancement of work-related well-being that are likely in growth industries. The overall aim is to evaluate the development, implementation and use of work-related well-being policies in four selected growth industries. These – electronics, care, finance and accounting, and tourism – have been selected on the basis of EU and national forecasts, and demographic and socio-economic trends in standard and non-standard employment. In this paper we aim to review the survey that constitutes the second main phase of this research.
Permanenta länken (URI): http://hdl.handle.net/10138/27472
Datum: 2011-08-26

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