Mortality, morbidity, and hospitalisations due to influenza lower respiratory tract infections, 2017

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dc.contributor University of Helsinki, Clinicum en Troeger, Christopher E. Blacker, Brigette F. Khalil, Ibrahim A. Zimsen, Stephanie R. M. Albertson, Samuel B. Abate, Degu Abdela, Jemal Adhikari, Tara Ballav Aghayan, Sargis Aghasi Agrawal, Sutapa Ahmadi, Alireza Aichour, Amani Nidhal Aichour, Ibtihel Aichour, Miloud Taki Eddine Al-Eyadhy, Ayman Al-Raddadi, Rajaa M. Alahdab, Fares Alene, Kefyalew Addis Aljunid, Syed Mohamed Alvis-Guzman, Nelson Anber, Nahla Hamed Anjomshoa, Mina Antonio, Carl Abelardo T. Aremu, Olatunde Atalay, Hagos Tasew Atique, Suleman Attia, Engi F. Avokpaho, Euripide F. G. A. Awasthi, Ashish Babazadeh, Arefeh Badali, Hamid Badawi, Alaa Banoub, Joseph Adel Mattar Barac, Aleksandra Bassat, Quique Bedi, Neeraj Belachew, Abate Bekele Bennett, Derrick A. Bhattacharyya, Krittika Bhutta, Zulfiqar A. Bijani, Ali Carvalho, Felix Castaneda-Orjuela, Carlos A. Christopher, Devasahayam J. Dandona, Lalit Dandona, Rakhi Dang, Anh Kim Daryani, Ahmad Degefa, Meaza Girma Meretoja, Tuomo J. 2019-01-11T07:20:01Z 2019-01-11T07:20:01Z 2019-01
dc.identifier.citation GBD 2017 Influenza Collaborators 2019 , ' Mortality, morbidity, and hospitalisations due to influenza lower respiratory tract infections, 2017 : an analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 ' The Lancet respiratory medicine , vol. 7 , no. 1 , pp. 69-89 . en
dc.identifier.issn 2213-2600
dc.identifier.other PURE: 121047298
dc.identifier.other PURE UUID: 82d36b6f-8397-438d-b7a8-2b09043d3b6a
dc.identifier.other WOS: 000454152600018
dc.identifier.other Scopus: 85058918960
dc.identifier.other ORCID: /0000-0002-2691-0710/work/52696649
dc.description.abstract Background Although the burden of influenza is often discussed in the context of historical pandemics and the threat of future pandemics, every year a substantial burden of lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs) and other respiratory conditions (like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) are attributable to seasonal influenza. The Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) 2017 is a systematic scientific effort to quantify the health loss associated with a comprehensive set of diseases and disabilities. In this Article, we focus on LRTIs that can be attributed to influenza. Methods We modelled the LRTI incidence, hospitalisations, and mortality attributable to influenza for every country and selected subnational locations by age and year from 1990 to 2017 as part of GBD 2017. We used a counterfactual approach that first estimated the LRTI incidence, hospitalisations, and mortality and then attributed a fraction of those outcomes to influenza. Findings Influenza LRTI was responsible for an estimated 145 000 (95% uncertainty interval [UI] 99 000-200 000) deaths among all ages in 2017. The influenza LRTI mortality rate was highest among adults older than 70 years (16.4 deaths per 100 000 [95% UI 11.6-21.9]), and the highest rate among all ages was in eastern Europe (5.2 per 100 000 population [95% UI 3.5-7.2]). We estimated that influenza LRTIs accounted for 9 459 000 (95% UI 3 709 000-22 935 000) hospitalisations due to LRTIs and 81 536 000 hospital days (24 330 000-259 851 000). We estimated that 11.5% (95% UI 10.0-12.9) of LRTI episodes were attributable to influenza, corresponding to 54 481 000 (38 465 000-73 864 000) episodes and 8 172 000 severe episodes (5 000 000-13 296 000). Interpretation This comprehensive assessment of the burden of influenza LRTIs shows the substantial annual effect of influenza on global health. Although preparedness planning will be important for potential pandemics, health loss due to seasonal influenza LRTIs should not be overlooked, and vaccine use should be considered. Efforts to improve influenza prevention measures are needed. Copyright (c) 2018 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier Ltd. en
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dc.title Mortality, morbidity, and hospitalisations due to influenza lower respiratory tract infections, 2017 en
dc.title an analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 en
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