Playful Parts : The Joy of Learning Multiliteracies

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Julkaisun nimi: Playful Parts : The Joy of Learning Multiliteracies
Tekijä: Kumpulainen, Kristiina; Sintonen, Sara; Vartiainen, Jenni; Sairanen, Heidi; Nordström, Alexandra; Byman, Jenny; Renlund, Jenny
ISBN: 978-951-51-4743-1
Tiivistelmä: This book has been written for all those adults who are interested in promoting young children’s multiliteracy skills. We gave this book the title Playful Parts: The Joy of Learning Multiliteracies. “Playful Parts” is a metaphor that we use to encourage children and adults to use their imagination and creativity in teaching and learning multiliteracy skills. Playful Parts are open to pedagogical interpretation and can be applied in a variety of ways to meet the needs of particular children, situations and circumstances. They can be extensively used in different settings, such as, nurseries, schools, libraries, science centres, museums and homes. We hope that Playful Parts will come to life in a variety of forms when applied to activities participated in by adults and children and that they generate new approaches to enhance the joy of teaching and learning multiliteracy skills.
Päiväys: 2018
Avainsanat: Multiliteracy
Early childhood education
Pre-school education
Primary education


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