Applied Nonsense- Creative Development and Problem Solving Through “Play” and Use Of Humor in the Classroom: An Innovative Teaching Philosophy

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Julkaisun nimi: Applied Nonsense- Creative Development and Problem Solving Through “Play” and Use Of Humor in the Classroom: An Innovative Teaching Philosophy
Tekijä: Kontio, Lisa
Muu tekijä: Helsingin yliopisto, Humanistinen tiedekunta, Nykykielten laitos
Opinnäytteen taso: pro gradu -tutkielmat
Tiivistelmä: In this research paper, I discuss a philosophy of teaching I refer to as “Applied Nonsense.” I highlight that this teaching philosophy is of great significance in the field of education and that is it one influential way to prepare modern students with the creativity and creative problem solving skills needed for an evolving world which holds many pressing and critical global challenges. Furthermore, I highlight the benefits it likely has for the student learning process. I developed Applied Nonsense (AN) teaching philosophy because I needed a way to better define my own teaching style as an educator. I needed a way to describe my method of interaction, engaging, and influencing students. As well, my ideas about effective pedagogy through the implementation of AN are backed by an endless amount of research in the fields of education and psychology. With my research, I give this teaching style an appropriate name, and I help define what I believe encompasses this teaching technique. Additionally, I have given some examples of how the teaching technique can be used to better teach English as a Second Language (ESL). Through a two part survey process, I collected data from both students and teachers on their thoughts and feelings about AN theory techniques used in the classroom environment. I aimed to find whether or not the average person is open to the style of AN teaching methods and whether they feel that AN is helpful to their learning process. Furthermore, my aim was to share my ideas with fellow educators and those unfamiliar with the teaching techniques to encourage them to implement this teaching technique as part of their teacher tool kit. In my opinion, AN is a teaching technique that is implemented by some of the most skillful, knowledgeable, and effective professionals in the field of education and my research finding greatly suggest that most teachers and students agree that AN is an effective aid for the teaching-studying-learning process.
URI: URN:NBN:fi:hulib-201901291191
Päiväys: 2018
Avainsanat: Applied Nonsense
Creative Teaching
Teaching Philosophy
Oppiaine: englantilainen filologia
English Philology
Engelsk filologi


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