eUTOPIA: solUTion for Omics data PreprocessIng and Analysis

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Source Code for Biology and Medicine. 2019 Jan 29;14(1):1

Titel: eUTOPIA: solUTion for Omics data PreprocessIng and Analysis
Författare: Marwah, Veer S; Scala, Giovanni; Kinaret, Pia A S; Serra, Angela; Alenius, Harri; Fortino, Vittorio; Greco, Dario
Utgivare: BioMed Central
Datum: 2019-01-29
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Abstrakt: Abstract Background Application of microarrays in omics technologies enables quantification of many biomolecules simultaneously. It is widely applied to observe the positive or negative effect on biomolecule activity in perturbed versus the steady state by quantitative comparison. Community resources, such as Bioconductor and CRAN, host tools based on R language that have become standard for high-throughput analytics. However, application of these tools is technically challenging for generic users and require specific computational skills. There is a need for intuitive and easy-to-use platform to process omics data, visualize, and interpret results. Results We propose an integrated software solution, eUTOPIA, that implements a set of essential processing steps as a guided workflow presented to the user as an R Shiny application. Conclusions eUTOPIA allows researchers to perform preprocessing and analysis of microarray data via a simple and intuitive graphical interface while using state of the art methods.
Subject: Transcriptomics analysis
Gene expression
R shiny

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