The Songs of Joe Hill

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Titel: The Songs of Joe Hill
Författare: Hill, Joe
Editor: Stavis, Barrie; Harmon, Frank
Utgivare: People´s Artistc Inc.
Datum: 1955
Språk: en
Permanenta länken (URI):
Abstrakt: On October 7, 1879, in Gavle, aharbor town on the eastern coast of Sweden, a boy was born to Olaf Hagglund and his wife Margritha Catharina. He was christened Joel Emanuel. in 1901 this young Swede emigrated to the United States. Somewhere along the line he changed his name to Joseph Hillstrom, which was soon shortened to Joe Hill.
Beskrivning: Published on the 40th anniversary of his (Joe HIll) murder at the hands of the authorities on november 19th, 1915.
Full text embargoed until: 2045

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