Law and digitalization : an agenda for the future

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Titel: Law and digitalization : an agenda for the future
Författare: Koulu, Riikka; Kallio, Lila; Hakkarainen, Jenni
Utgivare: University of Helsinki, Legal Tech Lab
Datum: 2017-05
Språk: en
Sidantal: 17 sivua ; kuvitettu
Tillhör serie: Research reports / University of Helsinki, Legal Tech Lab ; No. 1
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Abstrakt: The current state of affairs shows a strong need for action regarding legal digitalization. Even though the legal field is undergoing a transformation, there is not much research on digitalization and law. The lack of information needs to be remedied and The Legal Tech Lab aims to fulfill this need. The first steps are: 1) to define the phenomenon, 2) to establish best practices and 3) to actively create tools to facilitate navigating the legal system. The steps are recursive and should be advanced jointly. The main objective of the work is to improve access to justice.
Subject (ysa): oikeudelliset palvelut
Licens: CC BY 4.0
Användningsbegränsning: openAccess

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