Карельские женские имена

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Kuzmin , D V 2017 , ' Карельские женские имена ' , Voprosy onomastiki , vol. 14 , no. 3 , pp. 105–127 . https://doi.org/10.15826/vopr_onom.2017.14.3.026

Title: Карельские женские имена
Alternative title: Karelian Female Names
Author: Kuzmin, Denis V.
Contributor organization: Finskugriska och nordiska avdelningen
Date: 2017
Language: rus
Number of pages: 23
Belongs to series: Voprosy onomastiki
ISSN: 1994-2400
DOI: https://doi.org/10.15826/vopr_onom.2017.14.3.026
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10138/299565
Abstract: The article analyzes the system of personal female names of the Karelian population. As the author demonstrates, the collected corpus of historical and modern Karelian women's names is yet very incomplete and severely understudied. This may be due to a number of factors, including the relative scarcity of female names recorded in historical documents and in toponymy, the limited number of sources, the lack of fundamental Russian-based research and dictionaries devoted to female names, which were often a source for many historical Karelian forms. For this reason, first, a significant part of the article deals with the reconstruction of the preChristian corpus of Karelian female names, as reconstructed from folklore texts and animal names. The author pays special attention to the latter type of data, which was hardly considered in previous anthroponymic research. In his view, after the Christianization of the Karelians, the pagan system of names was not entirely lost, but relegated to a lower "domestic" sphere, including naming of cows and other animals. And second, based on historical documents and toponymy, the article gives a close examination of Christian female names and their numerous folk forms, which became widespread after the Christianization of the Karelians in 1227. By giving multiple evidence of such names and their forms, the author investigates the patterns of phonetic and morphological adaptation of the Russian versions of female names in the Karelian language. The study covers the data from all major settlement territories of the Karelians (Republic of Karelia, Finland, Leningrad and Tver regions of Russia).
Subject: 6121 Languages
Peer reviewed: Yes
Rights: unspecified
Usage restriction: openAccess
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