High-Energy X-Ray Compton Scattering Imaging of 18650-Type Lithium-Ion Battery Cell

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dc.contributor.author Suzuki, Kosuke
dc.contributor.author Honkanen, Ari-Pekka
dc.contributor.author Tsuji, Naruki
dc.contributor.author Jalkanen, Kirsi
dc.contributor.author Koskinen, Jari
dc.contributor.author Morimoto, Hideyuki
dc.contributor.author Hiramoto, Daisuke
dc.contributor.author Terasaka, Ayumu
dc.contributor.author Hafiz, Hasnain
dc.contributor.author Sakurai, Yoshiharu
dc.contributor.author Kanninen, Mika
dc.contributor.author Huotari, Simo
dc.contributor.author Bansil, Arun
dc.contributor.author Sakurai, Hiroshi
dc.contributor.author Barbiellini, Bernardo
dc.date.accessioned 2019-07-25T16:58:13Z
dc.date.available 2019-07-25T16:58:13Z
dc.date.issued 2019-07-11
dc.identifier.citation Suzuki, K.; Honkanen, A.-P.; Tsuji, N.; Jalkanen, K.; Koskinen, J.; Morimoto, H.; Hiramoto, D.; Terasaka, A.; Hafiz, H.; Sakurai, Y.; Kanninen, M.; Huotari, S.; Bansil, A.; Sakurai, H.; Barbiellini, B. High-Energy X-Ray Compton Scattering Imaging of 18650-Type Lithium-Ion Battery Cell. Condens. Matter 2019, 4, 66.
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10138/304011
dc.description.abstract High-energy synchrotron X-ray Compton scattering imaging was applied to a commercial 18650-type cell, which is a cylindrical lithium-ion battery in wide current use. By measuring the Compton scattering X-ray energy spectrum non-destructively, the lithiation state in both fresh and aged cells was obtained from two different regions of the cell, one near the outer casing and the other near the center of the cell. Our technique has the advantage that it can reveal the lithiation state with a micron-scale spatial resolution even in large cells. The present method enables us to monitor the operation of large-scale cells and can thus accelerate the development of advanced lithium-ion batteries.
dc.publisher Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
dc.title High-Energy X-Ray Compton Scattering Imaging of 18650-Type Lithium-Ion Battery Cell
dc.date.updated 2019-07-25T16:58:13Z
dc.type.uri http://purl.org/eprint/entityType/JournalArticle
dc.type.uri http://purl.org/eprint/entityType/Expression
dc.type.uri http://purl.org/eprint/entityType/Expression

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