The Censorship “Propaganda” Legislation in Russia

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Kondakov , A 2019 , The Censorship “Propaganda” Legislation in Russia . in State-sponsored homophobia . 13 edn , vol. 2019 , State Sponsored Homophobia , ILGA-Europe , pp. 213-215 .

Titel: The Censorship “Propaganda” Legislation in Russia
Författare: Kondakov, Alexander
Upphovmannens organisation: Helsinki Inequality Initiative (INEQ)
Russian and Eurasian Studies (Aleksanteri Institute)
Aleksanteri Institute - Finnish Centre for Russian and East European Studies
Utgivare: ILGA-Europe
Datum: 2019-03
Språk: eng
Sidantal: 3
Tillhör serie: State-sponsored homophobia
Tillhör serie: State Sponsored Homophobia
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Abstrakt: The 135-FZ law banning “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” to minors is a censorship legislation that limits freedom of expression by making neutral and positive information about LGBTQ topics a misdemeanor subjected to penalties. The text of the law is clear, and the procedure of its implementation does not require an actual child to be harmed in any way. The legislation has a variety of other effects, beyond its implementation. One of the most important results of the spread of bigotry it generated is the growth of violence against queer populations in Russia. Since the law is in place, Russia is a less safe location for queer expressions than it has been before. Therefore, the law sends the country backwards on the line of progression to a more inclusive sexual citizenship.
Beskrivning: Kondakov, A. (2019) The Censorship “Propaganda” Legislation in Russia. In: L. Ramon Mendos, State-Sponsored Homophobia 2019, pp. 213-215. Geneva: ILGA.
Subject: 513 Law
Licens: cc_by_nd
Användningsbegränsning: openAccess
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