Money creation under full-reserve banking : a stock–flow consistent model

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Lainà , P 2019 , ' Money creation under full-reserve banking : a stock–flow consistent model ' , Cambridge Journal of Economics , vol. 43 , no. 5 , pp. 1219–1249 .

Title: Money creation under full-reserve banking : a stock–flow consistent model
Author: Lainà, Patrizio
Contributor organization: Political Science
Department of Political and Economic Studies (2010-2017)
Date: 2019
Language: eng
Number of pages: 31
Belongs to series: Cambridge Journal of Economics
ISSN: 0309-166X
Abstract: This paper presents a stock–flow consistent model of full-reserve banking. The paper investigates money creation through government spending in a full-reserve banking system. The results are contrasted against the cases in which government spending is increased under full-reserve banking without money creation and under endogenous money, that is, the current monetary system. It is found that output, employment and inflation evolve almost identically. In contrast to other cases, money creation in a full-reserve banking system leads to a permanent reduction in consolidated government debt. Monetary policy transmits effectively as an increase in central bank reserves translates into an almost equal increase in demand deposits. Furthermore, an unusually large change in the money supply induces only smooth and relatively small changes in interest rates. In addition, the paper compares three additional ways to create money. Money creation through tax cuts or citizen’s dividend generates roughly the same results as creating money through government spending. In contrast, money creation through quantitative easing affects only monetary aggregates and interest rates but not the real economy. Although in every money creation experiment banks are able to fully satisfy the demand for loans, temporary credit crunches can occur under full-reserve banking. The occurrence of credit crunches depends on changes in private behaviour and economic policy as well as safety margins adopted by banks.
Subject: 511 Economics
Peer reviewed: Yes
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