DNA Methylation Trajectories During Pregnancy

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Gruzieva , O , Merid , S K , Chen , S , Mukherjee , N , Hedman , A M , Almqvist , C , Andolf , E , Jiang , Y , Kere , J , Scheynius , A , Soderhall , C , Ullemar , V , Karmaus , W , Melen , E , Arshad , S H & Pershagen , G 2019 , ' DNA Methylation Trajectories During Pregnancy ' , Epigenetics insights , vol. 12 , 2516865719867090 . https://doi.org/10.1177/2516865719867090

Julkaisun nimi: DNA Methylation Trajectories During Pregnancy
Tekijä: Gruzieva, Olena; Merid, Simon Kebede; Chen, Su; Mukherjee, Nandini; Hedman, Anna M.; Almqvist, Catarina; Andolf, Ellika; Jiang, Yu; Kere, Juha; Scheynius, Annika; Soderhall, Cilia; Ullemar, Vilhelmina; Karmaus, Wilfried; Melen, Erik; Arshad, Syed Hasan; Pershagen, Goran
Tekijän organisaatio: STEMM - Stem Cells and Metabolism Research Program
Juha Kere / Principal Investigator
Research Programs Unit
University Management
University of Helsinki
Päiväys: 2019-08
Kieli: eng
Sivumäärä: 9
Kuuluu julkaisusarjaan: Epigenetics insights
ISSN: 2516-8657
DOI-tunniste: https://doi.org/10.1177/2516865719867090
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10138/306817
Tiivistelmä: There is emerging evidence on DNA methylation (DNAm) variability over time; however, little is known about dynamics of DNAm patterns during pregnancy. We performed an epigenome-wide longitudinal DNAm study of a well-characterized sample of young women from the Swedish Born into Life study, with repeated blood sampling before, during and after pregnancy (n = 21), using the Illumina Infinium MethylationEPIC array. We conducted a replication in the Isle of Wight third-generation birth cohort (n = 27), using the Infinium HumanMethylation450k BeadChip. We identified 196 CpG sites displaying intra-individual longitudinal change in DNAm with a false discovery rate (FDR) P <.05. Most of these (91%) showed a decrease in average methylation levels over the studied period. We observed several genes represented by > 3 differentially methylated CpGs: HOXB3, AVP, LOC100996291, and MicroRNA 10a. Of 36 CpGs available in the replication cohort, 17 were replicated, all but 2 with the same direction of association (replication P <.05). Biological pathway analysis demonstrated that FDR-significant CpGs belong to genes overrepresented in metabolism-related pathways, such as adipose tissue development, regulation of insulin receptor signaling, and mammary gland fat development. These results contribute to a better understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying important physiological alterations and adaptations for pregnancy and lactation.
Avainsanat: Cohort
DNA methylation
Illumina EPIC and Infinium chip
3111 Biomedicine
1184 Genetics, developmental biology, physiology
Vertaisarvioitu: Kyllä
Tekijänoikeustiedot: cc_by_nc
Pääsyrajoitteet: openAccess
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