Kohdista: an efficient method to index and query possible Rmap alignments

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Algorithms for Molecular Biology. 2019 Dec 12;14(1):25

Title: Kohdista: an efficient method to index and query possible Rmap alignments
Author: Muggli, Martin D; Puglisi, Simon J.; Boucher, Christina
Publisher: BioMed Central
Date: 2019-12-12
Language: en
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10138/308389
Abstract: Abstract Background Genome-wide optical maps are ordered high-resolution restriction maps that give the position of occurrence of restriction cut sites corresponding to one or more restriction enzymes. These genome-wide optical maps are assembled using an overlap-layout-consensus approach using raw optical map data, which are referred to as Rmaps. Due to the high error-rate of Rmap data, finding the overlap between Rmaps remains challenging. Results We present Kohdista, which is an index-based algorithm for finding pairwise alignments between single molecule maps (Rmaps). The novelty of our approach is the formulation of the alignment problem as automaton path matching, and the application of modern index-based data structures. In particular, we combine the use of the Generalized Compressed Suffix Array (GCSA) index with the wavelet tree in order to build Kohdista. We validate Kohdista on simulated E. coli data, showing the approach successfully finds alignments between Rmaps simulated from overlapping genomic regions. Conclusion we demonstrate Kohdista is the only method that is capable of finding a significant number of high quality pairwise Rmap alignments for large eukaryote organisms in reasonable time.
Subject: Optical mapping
Index based data structures
Graph algorithms

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