At the intersection of globalization and "civilizational originality' : cultural production in Putin's Russia

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Turoma , S , Ratilainen , S & Trubina , E 2018 , ' At the intersection of globalization and "civilizational originality' : cultural production in Putin's Russia ' , Cultural Studies , vol. 32 , no. 5 , pp. 651-675 .

Title: At the intersection of globalization and "civilizational originality' : cultural production in Putin's Russia
Author: Turoma, Sanna; Ratilainen, Saara; Trubina, Elena
Contributor organization: Aleksanteri Institute - Finnish Centre for Russian and East European Studies
Date: 2018
Language: eng
Number of pages: 25
Belongs to series: Cultural Studies
ISSN: 0950-2386
Abstract: This special issue originates from a transnational collaboration of scholars in philology, comparative literature, social theory, sociology, anthropology, ethnography, and media studies. The collection strives to advance a research agenda built on the nexus of three intellectual and academic domains: post-Soviet Russian cultural studies', the research paradigm put forward by Cultural Studies, as well as empirical methods developed in sociology. The collection illustrates the importance of expanding the experience of Cultural Studies beyond its established spheres of national investigation, while it also speaks to the necessity to re-evaluate the hegemony of the English-language academic and cultural production on the global scale. The collection offers insights into the gamut of cultural practices and institutional environments in which Russian cultural production happens today. It shows how cultural industries and institutions in Russia are integrated into the global marketplace and transnational communities, while they also draw on and contribute to local lives and experiences by trying to create an autonomous space for symbolic production at personal and collective levels. Through diverse topics, the issue sheds light on the agency, i.e. practitioners and participants, creators and consumers, of Russian cultural production and the neoliberal practices implemented on creative work and cultural administration in Russia today. The Introduction outlines the development of academic studies on Russian cultural practices since 1991; describes main political developments shaping the cultural field in Putin's Russia; and, finally, identifies the Cultural Studies debates the editors of the collection find most productive for investigations of Russia, i.e. the instrumentalization of culture and culture as resource. Relocated in an analysis of a post-socialist society, these conceptualisations seem increasingly problematic in a situation where local and federal policies governing cultural and creative work focus simultaneously on marketization and on nationalism as the main tools of legitimizing the federal government.
Subject: Russia
creative industries
cultural policies
cultural globalization
culture as resource
5143 Social and cultural anthropology
6160 Other humanities
Peer reviewed: Yes
Usage restriction: openAccess
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