Defect Creation in Crystals : A Portal to Directional Dark Matter Searches

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Kadribasic , F , Mirabolfathi , N , Nordlund , K , Holmström , E & Djurabekova , F 2018 , ' Defect Creation in Crystals : A Portal to Directional Dark Matter Searches ' , Journal of Low Temperature Physics , vol. 193 , no. 5-6 , pp. 1146-1150 .

Titel: Defect Creation in Crystals : A Portal to Directional Dark Matter Searches
Författare: Kadribasic, Fedja; Mirabolfathi, Nader; Nordlund, Kai; Holmström, Eero; Djurabekova, Flyura
Upphovmannens organisation: Department of Physics
Helsinki Institute of Physics
Datum: 2018-12
Språk: eng
Sidantal: 5
Tillhör serie: Journal of Low Temperature Physics
ISSN: 0022-2291
Permanenta länken (URI):
Abstrakt: A large body of astrophysical observations indicate that around 85% of the matter in the universe is not made of recognized standard model particles. Understanding the nature of this so-called dark matter is of fundamental importance to cosmology, astrophysics, and high-energy particle physics. We examine the response of commonly used semiconductor materials to low-mass WIMP interactions using numerical simulations based on classical interatomic potentials in these materials. These simulations, backed up by more precise density functional theory simulations and experiments, predict a nonlinear energy loss that never produces phonons due to the nonzero energy required to form crystallographic defects. We argue that such nonlinear effects related to defect formation in electron-volt-scale resolution semiconductor detectors allows for very effective directional sensitivity and possible statistical nuclear recoil discrimination to dark matter signals for masses below 1 GeV/c(2).
Subject: Dark matter detectors
Particle dark matter
Density functional theory
Molecular dynamics
114 Physical sciences
Referentgranskad: Ja
Licens: cc_by_nd
Användningsbegränsning: openAccess
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