Interlaboratory Proficiency Test 10/2019 VOC - measurement from indoor air samples

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Title: Interlaboratory Proficiency Test 10/2019 VOC - measurement from indoor air samples
Author: Hovi, Hanna; Leivuori, Mirja; Koivikko, Riitta; Tervonen, Keijo; Lanteri, Sari; Ilmakunnas, Markku
Publisher: Finnish Environment Institute
Date: 2020
Language: en
Belongs to series: Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 3/2020
ISBN: 978-952-11-5126-2
ISSN: 1796-1726
Abstract: Proftest SYKE carried out the interlaboratory comparison in cooperation with Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) for VOC thermodesorption measurements (ISO 16000-6) from native indoor air samples in Tenax TA thermodesorption tubes in October 2019 (IAVOC 10/2019). Further, the measurements of alpha-pinene, 1-butanol, 2-butoxyethanol, 2EH (2-ethyl-1-hexanol), naphthalene, styrene, tetrachloroethylene, toluene, and TXIB (2,2,4-trimethyl-1,3-pentanediol diisobutyrate) were tested from the synthetic sample. In total ten participants took part in the comparison. In total 77 % of the results reported by the participants were satisfactory when deviation of 20–40 % from the assigned value was accepted. The calculated values were used as the assigned values for the results of the synthetic sample reported as compound specific responses. For the other measurands and samples mainly the mean of the results of the homogeneity measurements and the test results of the expert laboratory was used as the assigned value. The performance evaluation was based on the z scores. Warm thanks to all the participants in this interlaboratory comparison!

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