Tekoälyn teologiasta

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Visala , A O 2018 , ' Tekoälyn teologiasta ' , Teologinen Aikakauskirja , Vuosikerta. 123 , Nro 5 , Sivut 402-417 .

Titel: Tekoälyn teologiasta
Författare: Visala, Aku Olavi
Medarbetare: Helsingin yliopisto, Teologinen tiedekunta
Datum: 2018
Språk: fin
Sidantal: 16
Tillhör serie: Teologinen Aikakauskirja
ISSN: 0040-3555
Permanenta länken (URI): http://hdl.handle.net/10138/310665
Abstrakt: Given the fact that issues revolving around ethics and politics of artificial intelligence are widely discussed in developed societies, the lack of systematic theological engagement with artificial intelligence is highly surprising. This article seeks to analyse recent work on artificial intelligence and theology as well as to provide an outline for the theology of artificial intelligence. In the domain of specific moral and ethical issues (such as the future of work, automated traffic, data security), theologians have so far made very few contributions. However, theology might be able to contribute to the more general discussion by focusing on examining AI in the context of theological anthropology. Here the nature of intelligence and the doctrine of the image of God would be the most central issues. After examining these issues, the article concludes with some reflections on theological anthropology and the future of human intelligence.
Subject: 614 Teologia
teologinen ihmiskäsitys
Imago Dei
611 Filosofia

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