A synopsis of genus Pogonatum (Polytrichaceae, Musci)

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Hyvönen , J 1989 , ' A synopsis of genus Pogonatum (Polytrichaceae, Musci) ' , Helsinki .

Title: A synopsis of genus Pogonatum (Polytrichaceae, Musci)
Author: Hyvönen, Jaakko
Contributor organization: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Science
Publisher: Finnish Botanical Publishing Board
Date: 1989
Language: eng
Number of pages: 87
Belongs to series: Acta Botanica Fennica
ISBN: 951-9469-32-X
ISSN: 0001-5369
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10138/310968
Thesis level: Doctoral dissertation
Abstract: The genus Pogonatum P. Beauv. is characterized by a mammillose exo- thecium, 32 compound peristome teeth and by the absence of stomata. As so delimited die genus comprises 52 species including those species formerly assigned to Neopogonatum Xu & Xiong, Pseudatrichum Reim., Plagioracelopus Smith Merrill and Racelopus Dozy & Molk. The relationship of Pogonatum to other genera of the Polytrichaceae is evaluated and a cladogram of the genus is presented. Several monophyletic groups within the genus are recognized. The genus is divided into four subgenera. Subg. Alienum Hyvönen includes only Pogonatum volvatum (C. Mull.) Par. Subg. Dendroidea (Schimp.) Hyvönen, comb. nov. consists of three species formerly assigned to the sections Cephalotrichum (C. Miill.) Besch. and Dendroidea. Subg. Catharinella (C. Miill.) Hyvönen, comb. nov. contains 31 species including the nine species formerly accommodated in sect. Racelopus Touw. These species form a monophyletic group but distinction at sectional level is not supported by the cladistic analysis. Subg. Pogonatum comprises 17 species. The taxonomy of all species is revised including 395 specific and infraspecific combinations in the genera Neopogonatum, Plagioracelopus, Pogonatum, Pseudatrichum and Racelopus. 130 new synonyms are presented along with the selection of 13 new lectotypes. Pogonatum norrisii Hyvönen is described as new to science, and short diagnoses of other species are given with notes on phylogeny and ecology. Distribution of all species is illustrated by maps and diagnostic characters by line drawings. Citations of relevant illustrations are given. A key for the genus is presented. Discussion of morphology and anatomy is restricted to those characters used to infer the phylogeny of the genus.
Subject: 1183 Plant biology, microbiology, virology
Rights: unspecified
Usage restriction: openAccess
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