The presence of trace components significantly broadens the molecular response of Aspergillus niger to guar gum

Show simple item record Linares, Nancy Coconi Di Falco, Marcos Benoit-Gelber, Isabelle Gruben, Birgit S. Peng, Mao Tsang, Adrian Mäkelä, Miia R. de Vries, Ronald P. 2020-02-27T03:11:28Z 2021-12-18T03:45:59Z 2019-07-25
dc.identifier.citation Linares , N C , Di Falco , M , Benoit-Gelber , I , Gruben , B S , Peng , M , Tsang , A , Mäkelä , M R & de Vries , R P 2019 , ' The presence of trace components significantly broadens the molecular response of Aspergillus niger to guar gum ' , New Biotechnology , vol. 51 , pp. 57-66 .
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dc.description.abstract Guar gum consists mainly of galactomannan and constitutes the endosperm of guar seeds that acts as a reserve polysaccharide for germination. Due to its molecular structure and physical properties, this biopolymer has been considered as one of the most important and widely used gums in industry. However, for many of these applications this (hemi-) cellulosic structure needs to be modified or (partially) depolymerized in order to customize and improve its physicochemical properties. In this study, transcriptome, exoproteome and enzyme activity analyses were employed to decipher the complete enzymatic arsenal for guar gum depolymerization by Aspergillus niger. This multi-omic analysis revealed a set of 46 genes encoding carbohydrate-active enzymes (CAZymes) responding to the presence of guar gum, including CAZymes not only with preferred activity towards galactomannan, but also towards (arabino-) xylan, cellulose, starch and pectin, likely due to trace components in guar gum. This demonstrates that the purity of substrates has a strong effect on the resulting enzyme mixture produced by A. niger and probably by other fungi as well, which has significant implications for the commercial production of fungal enzyme cocktails. en
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dc.subject Guar gum
dc.subject Aspergillus niger
dc.subject CAZymes
dc.subject Plant biomass degradation
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dc.subject EXPRESSION
dc.subject GENES
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dc.subject XYLOSE
dc.subject 1182 Biochemistry, cell and molecular biology
dc.subject 1183 Plant biology, microbiology, virology
dc.title The presence of trace components significantly broadens the molecular response of Aspergillus niger to guar gum en
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dc.contributor.organization Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS)
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