Päivitettyjä permiläisiä etymologioita ja rinnastuksia

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Metsäranta , N 2017 , ' Päivitettyjä permiläisiä etymologioita ja rinnastuksia ' , Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran Aikakauskirja , Vuosikerta. 96 , Sivut 213-243 . https://doi.org/10.33340/susa.70228

Title: Päivitettyjä permiläisiä etymologioita ja rinnastuksia
Author: Metsäranta, Niklas
Contributor organization: Suomalais-ugrilainen ja pohjoismainen osasto
Date: 2017
Language: fin
Number of pages: 31
Belongs to series: Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran Aikakauskirja
ISSN: 0355-0214
DOI: https://doi.org/10.33340/susa.70228
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10138/313037
Abstract: In this article, new revised etymologies are provided for a selected group of words in the Permic languages. An attempt is made to prove that old, previously proposed cognate sets can be revised and reorganized and that new cognates and loan etymologies can still be found simply by adhering to regularity. The article also explores both synchronic and diachronic derivation as an etymological tool. The Permic words discussed in the article are: 1) Komi ki̮r- ’to dig (up); to wash away, to furrow’, Udmurt ki̮ri̮- ’to unpick, to take apart; to burst, to puncture, to crack (dam)’, 2) Komi kurćći̮-, Udmurt kurtći̮- ’to bite’, 3) Komi pe̮ž- ’to steam, to bake’, Udmurt pi̮ži̮- ’to bake’, 4) Komi-Permyak śe̮vt, śe̮vte̮t ’tether, fetter, shackles’, Udmurt śe̮ltet, śe̮li̮t ’fetter’, 5) Komi vor(j) ’manger, trough’, Udmurt e̮r ’(river) bed’
Subject: 6121 Kielitieteet
Peer reviewed: Yes
Rights: unspecified
Usage restriction: openAccess
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