Challenges cinemas in Helsinki face : a case study examining the years 2008 and 2018

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Julkaisun nimi: Challenges cinemas in Helsinki face : a case study examining the years 2008 and 2018
Tekijä: Rinnekangas, Eleonoora
Päiväys: 2020
Opinnäytteen taso: tutkielma
Tiivistelmä: This qualitative case study examines the challenges, that cinemas in Helsinki were facing in 2008 and 2018. More precisely, the study explores their challenges regarding film curation and programming, strategic management, and marketing and audience engagement. Through the examination of the selected years, the study aims to depict an image of the development of the cinema industry and the general issues it is dealing with, and to indicate the possible future challenges and opportunities the organizations have ahead. The study is relevant for the field of arts managers, because viewing past actions and developments critically, can be beneficial in foreseeing the challenges of the future. The philosophical foundation for the study is critical. The theoretical framework consists of the concepts of film art, strategic management and strategical film curation, marketing and audience development. Three cinemas in Helsinki are researched as cases. The primary data consists of five semi-structured interviews, and the secondary data consists of the websites of the organizations, information given by the researched parties and the annual statistics by The Finnish Film Foundation. The data is examined using the method of content analysis. The study bears the results, that the size of an organization does have an effect on the challenges the organizations are experiencing. All operators face challenges in keeping their venues relevant and interesting for the audiences. The common challenge in 2008 was the special limitation the technology set, and in 2018, one could see that the creation uniqueness is one of the key challenges: an organization must think sharpen its vision and the values it is portraying to the audience in order to stand out from other operators and make it easier for its customers to gain trust. The results of the study introduce challenges touching upon each of the mentioned areas of arts management, but also give offer fruitful starting point for more thorough study.
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