Usability Log Analysis for Healthcare Devices with Software Process Mining

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Titel: Usability Log Analysis for Healthcare Devices with Software Process Mining
Författare: Abrar, Atthia
Medarbetare: Helsingfors universitet, Matematisk-naturvetenskapliga fakulteten
Utgivare: Helsingin yliopisto
Datum: 2020
Språk: eng
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Nivå: pro gradu-avhandlingar
Ämne: Tietojenkäsittelytiede
Abstrakt: With the new trends in advanced healthcare equipment and innovation, the healthcare industry is now focused more on efficiency and improving quality. Devices record events in event log files that represent the program or application's actual usage. The log file of the event is like an operation history which shows what occurred in the program. Since devices have the log of real-time events, real-time processes can be tracked, and data analysed from different aspects. The details about the event log file can be used to create a process model and analyse the data to know its strengths and weaknesses. This thesis aimed to develop a tool for usability analysis used for GE healthcare. The design science approach has been used as an overall research method. To achieve the research goal, ideas was taken from already developed process mining algorithms and used in making algorithms that solves the problem of software process mining. In this thesis, already used process mining algorithm techniques were examined that can be used to answer the problem of software process mining. Software process mining was used to analyse the deployed software behavior. The study focused on making the process discovery algorithm along with structured algorithm. The outcome of the thesis was the tool that was used by the GE Healthcare to do the usability analysis on log files. The tool produces the events in the form of flow chart diagram.

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