Kuuma debatti - vaipan pluumit tieteellisenä kiistanaiheena

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Heinonen , J S 2014 , ' Kuuma debatti - vaipan pluumit tieteellisenä kiistanaiheena ' , Geologi , Vuosikerta. 2014 , Nro 6 , Sivut 127-134 .

Title: Kuuma debatti - vaipan pluumit tieteellisenä kiistanaiheena
Alternative title: A hot debate – mantle plumes as a scientific bone of contention
Author: Heinonen, Jussi S.
Contributor organization: Luonnontieteellinen keskusmuseo
Luonnontieteiden yksikkö
Date: 2014-12-05
Language: fin
Number of pages: 8
Belongs to series: Geologi
ISSN: 0046-5720
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10138/313849
Abstract: Mantle plumes, emanating all the way from the lower mantle, were proposed as primary generators of intraplate magmatism already in the early 1970’s. Earth scientists found significant amounts of supporting evidence for the mantle plume hypothesis during the 1980’s and 1990’s, and it became a widely accepted theory. Suddenly, plumes began to appear everywhere and they were considered as the most viable (and the most convenient) explanation for various forms of anomalous volcanism all around the world. This resulted in a backlash after the turn of the millennium, when the basics of the plume theory were strongly questioned, and alternative hypotheses presented, by a significant group of geoscientists led by Drs. Gillian R. Foulger and Don L. Anderson. The debate between the advocates and the opponents of the plume theory has been characterized by strong opinions and reluctance to reach a collective conclusion. Whereas mantle plumes may be responsible for some intraplate volcanic features on Earth, they certainly are not an explanation to everything, and the author encourages Finnish geoscientists to think carefully before playing the plume trump card on a table of an anomalous volcanic phenomenon.
Description: Englanninkielinen abstrakti
Subject: 1171 Geotieteet
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