Resonata – Interactive Sonification as a Creative Tool for Sound Art –

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Title: Resonata – Interactive Sonification as a Creative Tool for Sound Art –
Author: Storm, Janne
Date: 2020
Thesis level:
Abstract: In this research I study data sonification and how to use it in interactive sound art. In the thesis I look into selected sonification applications and methods for utilising instrument- like interactivity in sonification. As part of this master's project a new software application Resonata is presented, and its features are explained in this text. Resonata is an interactive audio-visual installation built with Max graphical programming environment. It explores the artistic possibilities of sonification and presents methods for interacting with audio software and data processing via the computer game controller Gametrak. In the design of Resonata I've used my knowledge and experience of music technology, sound control devices and audio processing. I have applied techniques used in musical performance, such as feedback systems between the player and the instrument, to data analysis in form of interactive sonification, in order to create an artistic experience.
Subject (ysa): installaatiot
interaktiivinen taide
elektroakustinen musiikki

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