The life history of human foraging : Cross-cultural and individual variation

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Koster , J , McElreath , R , Hill , K , Yu , D , Shepard , G , Van Vliet , N , Gurven , M , Trumble , B , Bird , R B , Bird , D , Codding , B , Coad , L , Pacheco-Cobos , L , Winterhalder , B , Lupo , K , Schmitt , D , Sillitoe , P , Franzen , M , Alvard , M , Venkataraman , V , Kraft , T , Endicott , K , Beckerman , S , Marks , S A , Headland , T , Pangau-Adam , M , Siren , A , Kramer , K , Greaves , R , Reyes-Garcia , V , Gueze , M , Duda , R , Fernandez-Llamazares , A , Gallois , S , Napitupulu , L , Ellen , R , Ziker , J , Nielsen , M R , Ready , E , Healey , C & Ross , C 2020 , ' The life history of human foraging : Cross-cultural and individual variation ' , Science Advances , vol. 6 , no. 26 , 9070 .

Title: The life history of human foraging : Cross-cultural and individual variation
Author: Koster, Jeremy; McElreath, Richard; Hill, Kim; Yu, Douglas; Shepard, Glenn; Van Vliet, Nathalie; Gurven, Michael; Trumble, Benjamin; Bird, Rebecca Bliege; Bird, Douglas; Codding, Brian; Coad, Lauren; Pacheco-Cobos, Luis; Winterhalder, Bruce; Lupo, Karen; Schmitt, Dave; Sillitoe, Paul; Franzen, Margaret; Alvard, Michael; Venkataraman, Vivek; Kraft, Thomas; Endicott, Kirk; Beckerman, Stephen; Marks, Stuart A.; Headland, Thomas; Pangau-Adam, Margaretha; Siren, Anders; Kramer, Karen; Greaves, Russell; Reyes-Garcia, Victoria; Gueze, Maximilien; Duda, Romain; Fernandez-Llamazares, Alvaro; Gallois, Sandrine; Napitupulu, Lucentezza; Ellen, Roy; Ziker, John; Nielsen, Martin R.; Ready, Elspeth; Healey, Christopher; Ross, Cody
Contributor organization: Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Research Programme
Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS)
Global Change and Conservation Lab
Date: 2020-06
Language: eng
Number of pages: 7
Belongs to series: Science Advances
ISSN: 2375-2548
Abstract: Human adaptation depends on the integration of slow life history, complex production skills, and extensive sociality. Refining and testing models of the evolution of human life history and cultural learning benefit from increasingly accurate measurement of knowledge, skills, and rates of production with age. We pursue this goal by inferring hunters' increases and declines of skill from approximately 23,000 hunting records generated by more than 1800 individuals at 40 locations. The data reveal an average age of peak productivity between 30 and 35 years of age, although high skill is maintained throughout much of adulthood. In addition, there is substantial variation both among individuals and sites. Within study sites, variation among individuals depends more on heterogeneity in rates of decline than in rates of increase. This analysis sharpens questions about the coevolution of human life history and cultural adaptation.
1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology
5143 Social and cultural anthropology
Peer reviewed: Yes
Rights: cc_by_nc
Usage restriction: openAccess
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