Practical Camera Sensor Spectral Response and Uncertainty Estimation

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Toivonen, M.E.; Klami, A. Practical Camera Sensor Spectral Response and Uncertainty Estimation. J. Imaging 2020, 6, 79.

Title: Practical Camera Sensor Spectral Response and Uncertainty Estimation
Author: Toivonen, Mikko E.; Klami, Arto
Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Date: 2020-08-05
Abstract: Knowledge of the spectral response of a camera is important in many applications such as illumination estimation, spectrum estimation in multi-spectral camera systems, and color consistency correction for computer vision. We present a practical method for estimating the camera sensor spectral response and uncertainty, consisting of an imaging method and an algorithm. We use only 15 images (four diffraction images and 11 images of color patches of known spectra to obtain high-resolution spectral response estimates) and obtain uncertainty estimates by training an ensemble of response estimation models. The algorithm does not assume any strict priors that would limit the possible spectral response estimates and is thus applicable to any camera sensor, at least in the visible range. The estimates have low errors for estimating color channel values from known spectra, and are consistent with previously reported spectral response estimates.

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