International Journal of Sino-Western Studies : A Special Volume on Scriptural Reasoning

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Huang , P (ed.) 2019 , International Journal of Sino-Western Studies : A Special Volume on Scriptural Reasoning . International Journal of Sino-Western Studies , no. No. 17 , vol. 2 , vol. No. 17 , 1 edn , Nordic Forum of Sino-Western Studies , Helsinki .

Title: International Journal of Sino-Western Studies : A Special Volume on Scriptural Reasoning
Other contributor: Huang, Paulos
Contributor organization: Department of Cultures
Publisher: Nordic Forum of Sino-Western Studies
Date: 2019-12-01
Language: eng
Number of pages: 230
Belongs to series: International Journal of Sino-Western Studies
ISSN: 1799-8204
Abstract: In this volume, we publish the following articles. In the first column of “Humanities, Theology, and Chinese National Studies” there are two articles. The first one is Professor LIU Qingping’s (Advanced Institute of Social Sciences at Fudan University) “The historic turn of the Confucian destiny from ‘not being used’ to ‘being valued’”, and the second is Professor YU Tao’s (School of Philosophy at Nankai University) “Social Concern in Protestant Spirit: On the Role and Significance of the Reformation in the Formation of Nordic Welfare State System”. In the second column of “Practical Theology and Sino-Western Views on Church and Society” there are also two articles. The third one is the director of the Institute of World Religions, China Academy of Social Sciences, Professor ZHENG Xiaoyun’s “On the Religious Management Model in Chinese Theravada Buddhism”. And the fourth is Rachel X. Zhu’s (School of Philosophy at Fudan University) “The Impact of Christian Charity on Chinese Society and the Challenges in the future”. In the third column of “Chinese and Western Classics and the Bible” there are two articles. The fifth one is David F. Ford ‘s (Emeritus Regius Professor of Divinity Fellow, Selwyn College, University of Cambridge) “The potential of interreligious dialogue in China and globally; the continuation of Scriptural Reasoning in China”, and Professor Ford is the co-founder of Scriptural Reasoning Society. Following Professor Ford’s article is a response to David Ford on the Scriptural Reasoning by Professor Tuula Sakaranaho (the vice dean of Faculty of Theology at the University of Helsinki). The sixth article is Finnish young talent scholar Dr. Aleksi Kuokkanen ‘s (Faculty of Theology at University of Helsinki) “Attempts to Understand Scriptural Reasoning”. In the fourth column of “Church History in the West and in China” there are two articles. The seventh is Professor Claudia von Collani’s (University of Minster, Germany) “The Jesuits Andreas Koffler and Michael Boym at the Court of the Yongli Emperor”. The eighth is LIN Chunjie’s (Director of Department of German Studies, Huazhong University of Technology and Science) “A Historical Investigation of the Relationship between State and Church in Germany in the 20th Century”. In the fifth column of “Comparative Religious and Cultural Studies” there are two articles. The ninth is ZHANG Hua’s (Beijing Language University) “Anthropological Perspective of Contemporary Theology and the Pluralism of Christianity”, and the tenth is ZHANG Ruiming’s (School of Philosophy at Lanzhou University) “Existential Ti-Theology: Development of Xiong Shili’s Lianglun through Kant and Husserl”. In the sixth column of “Reviews and Academic Reports” there are three articles. The eleventh is ZHANG Yunyan’s (School of Humanities at Shanghai Communication University) “The left-wing Route of "Memory Identity" and Its Identification Dilemma-Focusing on Max Silverman’s Plimpsestic Memory-The Holocaust and Colonialism in French and Francophone Fiction and Film”. The twelfth is WANG Shuai’s (School of Foreign Languages at Peking University) “A Research on the Development of the Russian Orthodox Church in the First Decade after the Enthronement of Patriarch Kirill - Inheritance, Transformation and Challenge”. The thirteenth article includes three academic news: News one is A Review on the Joint International Conference of Nordic Forum of Sino-Western Studies and 20th International Symposium on Bicosmology by LIU Jing (Macau University). NEWS TWO IS A Report on the International Research Project Regarding the Topic of the Impact of Religious Values on Chinese Social Life by JIANG Miao (University of Helsinki), and News three is “Juris Entropia”: An Interdisciplinary CPR/A; Context, and Purposeful Action Proposal for Regeneration of Planet Earth’s Naturalist Climate and Environmental Security by David S. Woodroffe and Johannes Alaranta.
Subject: 611 Philosophy
6121 Languages
6122 Literature studies
614 Theology
615 History and Archaeology
Peer reviewed: Yes
Rights: unspecified
Usage restriction: openAccess
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