Genetic and environmental influences on human height from infancy through adulthood at different levels of parental education

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Jelenkovic , A , Sund , R , Yokoyama , Y , Latvala , A , Sugawara , M , Tanaka , M , Matsumoto , S , Freitas , D L , Maia , J A , Knafo-Noam , A , Mankuta , D , Abramson , L , Ji , F , Ning , F , Pang , Z , Rebato , E , Saudino , K J , Cutler , T L , Hopper , J L , Ullemar , V , Almqvist , C , Magnusson , P K E , Cozen , W , Hwang , A E , Mack , T M , Nelson , T L , Whitfield , K E , Sung , J , Kim , J , Lee , J , Lee , S , Llewellyn , C H , Fisher , A , Medda , E , Nistico , L , Toccaceli , V , Baker , L A , Tuvblad , C , Corley , R P , Huibregtse , B M , Derom , C A , Vlietinck , R F , Loos , R J F , Burt , S A , Klump , K L , Silberg , J L , Maes , H H , Krueger , R F , McGue , M , Pahlen , S , Gatz , M , Butler , D A , Harris , J R , Brandt , I , Nilsen , T S , Harden , K P , Tucker-Drob , E M , Franz , C E , Kremen , W S , Lyons , M J , Lichtenstein , P , Bartels , M , van Beijsterveldt , C E M , Willemsen , G , Oncel , S Y , Aliev , F , Jeong , H-U , Hur , Y-M , Turkheimer , E , Boomsma , D , Srensen , T I A , Kaprio , J & Silventoinen , K 2020 , ' Genetic and environmental influences on human height from infancy through adulthood at different levels of parental education ' , Scientific Reports , vol. 10 , no. 1 , 7974 .

Title: Genetic and environmental influences on human height from infancy through adulthood at different levels of parental education
Author: Jelenkovic, Aline; Sund, Reijo; Yokoyama, Yoshie; Latvala, Antti; Sugawara, Masumi; Tanaka, Mami; Matsumoto, Satoko; Freitas, Duarte L.; Maia, Jose Antonio; Knafo-Noam, Ariel; Mankuta, David; Abramson, Lior; Ji, Fuling; Ning, Feng; Pang, Zengchang; Rebato, Esther; Saudino, Kimberly J.; Cutler, Tessa L.; Hopper, John L.; Ullemar, Vilhelmina; Almqvist, Catarina; Magnusson, Patrik K. E.; Cozen, Wendy; Hwang, Amie E.; Mack, Thomas M.; Nelson, Tracy L.; Whitfield, Keith E.; Sung, Joohon; Kim, Jina; Lee, Jooyeon; Lee, Sooji; Llewellyn, Clare H.; Fisher, Abigail; Medda, Emanuela; Nistico, Lorenza; Toccaceli, Virgilia; Baker, Laura A.; Tuvblad, Catherine; Corley, Robin P.; Huibregtse, Brooke M.; Derom, Catherine A.; Vlietinck, Robert F.; Loos, Ruth J. F.; Burt, S. Alexandra; Klump, Kelly L.; Silberg, Judy L.; Maes, Hermine H.; Krueger, Robert F.; McGue, Matt; Pahlen, Shandell; Gatz, Margaret; Butler, David A.; Harris, Jennifer R.; Brandt, Ingunn; Nilsen, Thomas S.; Harden, K. Paige; Tucker-Drob, Elliot M.; Franz, Carol E.; Kremen, William S.; Lyons, Michael J.; Lichtenstein, Paul; Bartels, Meike; van Beijsterveldt, Catharina E. M.; Willemsen, Gonneke; Oncel, Sevgi Y.; Aliev, Fazil; Jeong, Hoe-Uk; Hur, Yoon-Mi; Turkheimer, Eric; Boomsma, Dorret; Srensen, Thorkild I. A.; Kaprio, Jaakko; Silventoinen, Karri
Contributor organization: Clinicum
Department of Public Health
University of Helsinki
Department of Social Research (2010-2017)
Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy
Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland
Helsinki Inequality Initiative (INEQ)
Population Research Unit (PRU)
Center for Population, Health and Society
HUS Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District
Date: 2020-05-14
Language: eng
Number of pages: 11
Belongs to series: Scientific Reports
ISSN: 2045-2322
Abstract: Genetic factors explain a major proportion of human height variation, but differences in mean stature have also been found between socio-economic categories suggesting a possible effect of environment. By utilizing a classical twin design which allows decomposing the variation of height into genetic and environmental components, we tested the hypothesis that environmental variation in height is greater in offspring of lower educated parents. Twin data from 29 cohorts including 65,978 complete twin pairs with information on height at ages 1 to 69 years and on parental education were pooled allowing the analyses at different ages and in three geographic-cultural regions (Europe, North America and Australia, and East Asia). Parental education mostly showed a positive association with offspring height, with significant associations in mid-childhood and from adolescence onwards. In variance decomposition modeling, the genetic and environmental variance components of height did not show a consistent relation to parental education. A random-effects meta-regression analysis of the aggregate-level data showed a trend towards greater shared environmental variation of height in low parental education families. In conclusion, in our very large dataset from twin cohorts around the globe, these results provide only weak evidence for the study hypothesis.
3142 Public health care science, environmental and occupational health
Peer reviewed: Yes
Rights: cc_by
Usage restriction: openAccess
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