The Ophicleide as an Orchestral Instrument: Past and Future Perspectives

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Title: The Ophicleide as an Orchestral Instrument: Past and Future Perspectives
Author: Ojutkangas, Kenneth
Date: 2020
Thesis level:
Abstract: The history of brass instrument development has been multifaceted. There have been many trial and error moments. Some inventions have stayed until now, and some have been abandoned sooner or later towards the present. In this paper the focus will be in an instrument called the ophicleide which was a sort of transitional low brass instrument that preceded the tuba we play nowadays. This study is for everyone interested in the topic and seeking information about early instruments, and especially for those tuba students who are eager to learn something about the ancestor of their instrument. This paper provides historical information before the ophicleide, introduces the instrument and its mechanical and technical aspects, and explains how it was replaced by the tuba. This study addresses questions such as the following: Is there a revival of the ophicleide going on? Will the ophicleide enjoy greater popularity in the future? These questions are also addressed and answered by the principal tuba player of the Turku Philharmonic, Nicolas Indermühle, who has researched and also played the ophicleide in Turku Philharmonic.
Subject: ofikleidi
Subject: ofikleidi
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