Riddle of the Spirit

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Julkaisun nimi: Riddle of the Spirit
Tekijä: Wong, Chin-Chin; Kumpulainen, Kristiina; Sintonen, Sara; Sairanen, Heidi; Byman, Jenny; Renlund, Jenny; Erfving, Emilia; Hintsa, Antti
Julkaisija: University of Helsinki, Playful Learning Center
Päiväys: 2020
Kieli: en
ISBN: 978-951-51-5342-5
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10138/320570
Tiivistelmä: Riddle of the Spirit is a set of playful multiliteracy materials designed to develop children's interest and understanding of issues related to climate change and the environment, as well as promoting children's ecological literacies and, more broadly, multiliteracies. With the material, children can discuss and reflect on themes related to climate change and the environment through a story based on Finnish myths. In the story, Ukko, the thunderstorm spirit, loses control of the weather. The children’s goal is to find out the reasons for this loss and to create imaginative solutions to help Ukko to be well and able to control the weather once more. In total, this learning journey consists of seven pedagogical activities to be realised in the classroom and/or outdoors. The activities are also suitable for children's afternoon club activities as well as for learning at home. The project includes activity instructions, questions to support the discussion, and templates for props making. The Riddle of the Spirit material is a continuation of the Whisper of the Spirit material in the world with Ukko the thunderstorm spirit, Tapio the forest spirit, Vetehinen the water spirit and Myrrysmies the ancient wizard.


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