Can machine translation assist in Bible translation?

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Hurskainen , A 2018 , Can machine translation assist in Bible translation? in SALAMA - Swahili Language Manager : Technical reports on LT . Technical reports on language technology , no. 62 , SALAMA - Swahili Language Manager , Helsinki .

Julkaisun nimi: Can machine translation assist in Bible translation?
Tekijä: Hurskainen, Arvi
Tekijän organisaatio: Department of Languages
Julkaisija: SALAMA - Swahili Language Manager
Päiväys: 2018
Kieli: eng
Sivumäärä: 18
Kuuluu julkaisusarjaan: SALAMA - Swahili Language Manager
Kuuluu julkaisusarjaan: Technical reports on language technology
ISSN: 2670-1391
Tiivistelmä: The translation of proper names is a complex process, and it is hardly possible to constract an error free translation system. Therefore, the practical aim of translating proper names is to make it as correct as possible. The problems include the fact that many words or clusters of words, which are used as proper names, are also used as ordinary words. It is often very hard to define which interpretation is correct in each case. If this problem is resolved, we have another problem. Should the proper name be translated or left as such? Acronyms form also a translation problem. If a string is identified as an acronym, it is not self-evident that it should be translated as corresponding acronym or as a real word or cluster of words. And another problem is whether it should be translated at all. These problems will be discussed below.
Avainsanat: 6121 Languages
113 Computer and information sciences
Vertaisarvioitu: Ei
Tekijänoikeustiedot: cc_by_nc
Pääsyrajoitteet: openAccess
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