Interculturality and the Political within Education

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Dervin , F & Simpson , A 2021 , Interculturality and the Political within Education . Routledge Research in Education , Routledge , Abingdon, Oxon .

Titel: Interculturality and the Political within Education
Författare: Dervin, Fred; Simpson, Ashley
Upphovmannens organisation: Helsinki Inequality Initiative (INEQ)
Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS)
Department of Education
Faculty Common Matters (Faculty of Arts)
Department of Modern Languages 2010-2017
Utgivare: Routledge
Datum: 2021
Språk: eng
Sidantal: 138
Tillhör serie: Routledge Research in Education
ISBN: 978-1-138-59999-4
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Abstrakt: Interculturality is a word of consequence in education although it might be used as a mere ‘stop-gap’. The authors have taught and researched this complex notion in e.g. China, Finland, France, Malaysia and Russia. They have also been involved and engaged with top scholars, and participated in many international research projects on intercultural issues. In this critical and refreshing book, Dervin and Simpson alert us to the current dangers of treating interculturality loosely in education. They suggest moving beyond merely rehearsing theories, models, concepts and methods. More importantly they urge researchers, teachers and students to question Western-centric ideologies of interculturality passed onto them by supranational institutions (amongst others). As a whole the book aims to launch debates concerning ideologies, definitions and ownership of interculturality. The book is based around dialogues between the authors, through which the readers are made to un-re-think e.g. what intercultural means, the burning question of intercultural preparation and the state of research in education today. Each chapter is concluded by clear and thought-provoking summaries as well as thought-provoking questions for the reader to reflect on. The book conclusion offers a clear and succinct summary of what to take away and covers three essential aspects of interculturality: conceptualising, researching and preparing for interculturality. Intercultural and the Political Within Education is a must read for those who are dissatisfied with current intercultural research and education.
Subject: 516 Educational sciences
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