Interlaboratory Proficiency Test 01/2021. Swimming pool water analysis

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SYKEre_26_2021_Swimming-pool-water-analysis.pdf 2.359Mb PDF Granska/Öppna
Titel: Interlaboratory Proficiency Test 01/2021. Swimming pool water analysis
Författare: Leivuori, Mirja; Tyrväinen, Sami; Sarkkinen, Mika; Koivikko, Riitta; Tervonen, Keijo; Lanteri, Sari; Väisänen, Ritva; Ilmakunnas, Markku
Utgivare: Finnish Environment Institute
Datum: 2021
Språk: en
Tillhör serie: Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 26/2021
ISBN: 978-952-11-5404-1
ISSN: 1796-1726
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Abstrakt: Proftest SYKE carried out the proficiency test (PT) for analysis of chlorine, KMnO4, NO3, pH, turbidity, and urea in swimming pool waters in January-February 2021. In total, there were 26 participants in the PT. Either the calculated concentration or the robust mean, the mean or the median of the reported results was used as the assigned values for the measurands. The overall performance of the participants was evaluated by using z scores and 89 % of the results were satisfactory when deviation of 0.2 pH units for pH values and 10–25 % for the other measurands was accepted from the assigned value. The urea results measured with the Koroleff’s method were evaluated by using En scores and 83 % of the results were satisfactory. Warm thanks to all participants in this proficiency test!

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